How to Use Instagram Secret Police in Stories Texts

Like any self-respecting social network, Instagram (Android | iOS | the web) contains a few tips that the platform itself does not officially reveal to users. One of these functions is the “Papyrus” secret font, which can be used in the stories of the app.

The name refers to the word “papyrus” which was used as a writing medium in ancient Egypt. For this reason, the font follows the same typographic style that characterized this era. Do you want to know how to activate the secret function on Instagram? Learn in the tutorial below.

How to Use Instagram Secret Police in Stories Texts

Step 1: On your Instagram home screen, open the Stories feature by tapping the circle with your photo or the ‘+’ button to create a new post.

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To use the secret sequence on Instagram, let’s first create Stories (screenshot: Caio Carvalho / Canaltech)

2nd step: Take a photo or video in Stories. Then tap the “Aa” icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open the text option.

Select the tool to write text in the stories. From there, the secret source can be used (screenshot: Cayo Carvalho / Canaltech)

Step 3: Find a font that follows the same styling as Comic Sans.

The Comic Sans police hide the secret police “Papyrus” (Screen capture: Caio Carvalho / Canaltech)

The fourth step: Type the word “Papyrus” (without the quotes) and when you are done writing, the text adopts a typography that refers to ancient Egyptian writing.

On the left, the font is still Comic Sans style. However, when the word “papyrus” is spelled out (right), it adopts the typographic style of ancient Egyptian text (screenshot: Cayo Carvalho / Canaltic)

Fifth step: Now just type in whatever text you want, keeping the papyrus font style.

The text you write in the secret font style will be “Papyrus” (Screen capture: Caio Carvalho / Canaltech)

Sixth step: Make your adjustments, like changing the text color or adding an animated effect to the text.

Use the editing tools to change the color, background, and effect of the text. If you want, also add GIFs, hashtags, stickers and other stuff in the stories (screenshot: Caio Carvalho / Canaltech)

Seventh step: When you’re done editing, just hit “Submit” in the lower right corner of the screen and continue posting your stories.

With everything ready, now is the time to take the final step before posting stories with the secret source “Papyrus” (screenshot: Caio Carvalho / Canaltech)

ready! You have learned how to use the secret font “Papyrus” on Instagram Stories, and oddly enough, the font has not yet been applied in the list of fonts available on the social network.

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