How will the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affect football? Stories/Updates

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday drew heavy criticism from the football community and could have major ramifications. Russia launched the biggest attack on a European country since World War II with its attacks on Ukraine. This article will aim to cover how the Russia-Ukraine conflict will affect football. If you want a full recap of what happened in Ukraine, you can find that here.

News from the world of football on the Russian invasion

Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic call for World Cup qualifiers to be moved to Russia

The football associations of Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic are scheduled to play World Cup qualifiers with Russia in March. Poland are supposed to play in Moscow in the first leg on March 24. If Russia were to win, the winner between Sweden and the Czech Republic would also have to play a game in Russia.

“The football associations of Poland (PZPN), Sweden (SvFF) and the Czech Republic (FACR) express their firm position that the matches of the qualifiers (…) should not be played on the territory of the Federation of Russia,” the three associations said in a statement. joint statement.

FIFA is monitoring the situation and issued a statement condemning Putin and Russia.

“FIFA condemns Russia’s use of force in Ukraine and any type of violence to resolve conflicts. Violence is never a solution and FIFA calls on all parties to restore peace through constructive dialogue.”

Brazilian players trapped in Ukraine

Ukrainian clubs Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk have been hot spots for young Brazilian talent in recent years. Shakhtar have 13 Brazilian players on their roster alone while Kyiv have one.

Players and their families posted a video from a hotel pleading for help and to be saved from the fighting in Ukraine. The players asked the Brazilian authorities to get them out.

“We are in a hotel. Pray for us.”

“We really feel abandoned because we don’t know what to do,” said one of the women. “We don’t know how to resolve this situation.”

UEFA Champions League final set to be moved outside of Russia

The 2022 Champions League final was originally scheduled to be played in Saint Petersburg. That looks set to change as sources claim UEFA will move the venue for the final. UEFA held an emergency meeting on Thursday after Russia invaded Ukraine.

“UEFA shares the great concern of the international community regarding the security situation developing in Europe and strongly condemns the ongoing Russian military invasion of Ukraine,” the organization said.

“We remain resolute in our solidarity with the football community in Ukraine and we are ready to reach out to the Ukrainian people.”

Schalke removes logo from Gazprom shirt

German club Schalke responded to Russia’s aggression by dropping main kit sponsor Gazprom. The Russian state-owned energy giant will no longer receive sponsorship from the 2. Bundesliga.

Schalke are not the only German club to speak out as Borussia Dortmund have condemned the violence.

“We are shocked and saddened that war has broken out on European soil. BVB strongly condemns this flagrant violation of international law! Our hearts go out to the people of #Ukraine.”

Russian and Ukrainian players speak out

Ruslan Malinovskyi, a Ukraine international, scored a brace for Atalanta in the Europa League on Thursday against Olympiacos. After scoring his first goal, he revealed a message on a shirt calling for an end to the war.

He did not receive a yellow card for taking off his jersey.

Russia and Dynamo Moscow striker Fedor Smolov have taken to social media to express their support for Ukraine during the turmoil. He is the first Russian player to do so.

Other players and fans showed their support for Ukraine in the Europa League on Thursday.

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich could be punished

Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich could find himself in trouble over his alleged relationship with Putin. On Thursday, a British Member of Parliament questioned whether Abramovich should still be allowed to own a club in England.

The UK is targeting Russian oligarchs with sanctions following the invasion, but Abramovich was not included among those targeted. Reports say the Russian owner is unlikely to ever be allowed to live in the UK.

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