It took 5 weeks to paint these zebra striped Bugatti Chirons

Every Bugatti Chiron is special, with the owner of each hypercar selecting their own custom specs in terms of paint color, interior scheme, trim options and more. But some Chirons are much more special than others, that’s where the brand’s Custom customization arm Between. His two latest creations are a Chiron Pure Sport and Chiron Super Sport which feature the same type of hand-painted Waves of Light liveries, each of which took five weeks to complete. And they are amazing.

Before we dive into these wonderful Chirons, a little background for their crazy zebra-like paint job. In 2011, Bugatti released the unique Veyron L’Or Blanc, which had a blue and white two-tone scheme inspired by the way highlights naturally fall on the car’s body. It was a spectacular thing to see, especially since the stripes are slightly asymmetrical; the L’Or Blanc also featured genuine porcelain interior trim and exterior accents.

The striped effect is very unique.


The process of creating Waves of Light is intense. First, the craftsmen create the 2D shapes that will form the stripes, which are applied to the body in the form of tape to hide what to paint with extreme precision. Accents are then hand painted, with multiple coats used to give the livery a deep sheen that mimics a reflection of light. Finally, layers of transparent varnish are applied. It’s a process reminiscent of the Divo “Ladybug” created last year, which was so complicated that Bugatti almost gave up.

It’s not the first time Bugatti has made L’Or Blanc-inspired cars either: a one-off Chiron ‘Zebra’ with shiny teal paint and dark gray stripes premiered in 2019, and there’s a Veyron. Grand Sport Vitesse with a red and black L’Or Blanc scheme.

Of the two Chirons the Super Sports is certainly the loudest, with California Blue as the base paint and Arancia Mira, a bright Lamborghini-sourced orange, used as the accent color. The reflective strips even extend into the Super Sport’s oval vent pattern on the front fenders, which looks super cool. Arancia Mira is also used on the (frankly ugly) 5-spoke wheels, the number 38 in the horseshoe grille and the lettering in the engine bay. Bright orange is also used for the interior, and the Super Sport has the Sky View roof option.

The carbon body of the Pur Sport alone costs over $300,000.


But it’s the Pur Sport’s specs that are truly amazing. Instead of painting, its body is finished in navy-tinted exposed carbon fiber, an option that alone costs more than $300,000. The Waves of Light stripes are Nocturne black paint, and they really do look like reflections at first glance. The stripes are applied in their own unique pattern for this Pur Sport, emphasizing its sleeker design. French flags are found on the fender endplates, and the 9 in the grille, fender accents and center caps are painted in French racing blue. The interior of the Pur Sport is upholstered in Beluga Black and French Racing Blue leather, and it also has the view of the sky.

Bugatti announced in January that the Production run of 500 units of Chiron was completely sold, with the last Super Sport and Super Sport 300+ models to be built by the end of 2022. We’re sure to see more wild Bespoke creations coming out of these final cars, but Bugatti will have plenty of opportunities for some spectacular creations after that. The Centodieci will go into production later this year, and the also sold-out Bolide will start shipping in 2024.

But the most exciting will be the first model to come from the new Bugatti-Rimac partnershipwhich will surely be electrified, more luxurious and more customizable than any Bugatti before it.

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