It would have been better to devote time and energy to preparing for the future

Mr. Editor,

The airwaves crackled with praise for the president and the PPP government in handling the massive flooding of 2021. A few quick thoughts follow. I think some praise is due, and should be expressed publicly, which has been done. On the flip side, I feel that some praise is exaggerated, especially in the columns of letters, and substitutes for job interviews of people seeking to be recognized for their inordinate verbal enthusiasms. It is as if some went too far to find favor with the political masters, without worrying about their overwork (and their grinding their teeth). I recognize that a lot has been done, and for which deserving praise is in order, but the reserve of self-respect should return.

Editor, when we have a national disaster, which was clearly such regardless of measure, then there was / there is an opportunity to mobilize a national response, for more effective results. Because if we refuse to commit to such a devastating national hour, then absolutely nothing will motivate us to come together in other perilous situations. I think we’re running into a man-made political disaster, that’s where I’ll stop. But amid all the ecstasies of a job well done, and who was where and everywhere, and how much money and hours of work were spent, I hear nothing about tomorrow. Or the next rainy season. Or how to definitively resolve more or less severe flood conditions. I would argue that the time and energies of the Head of State and other political presences would have been better spent preparing for the future (and dealing with these situations – tomorrow and next season) with what it takes. to avoid repeating what we have just experienced. How to minimize? Who to hire Where to start? Aside from a series of helpful visits, more for the purposes of psychological reinforcement and front-line leadership, I think officials should be allowed to roll out their contingency plans, do their part, show their goods and deliver. in a timely, comprehensive, and acceptable manner.

When there are too many politicians and politics, things get tangled up. Good intentions wear out after a while. I hope the supporters who are already standing up and cringing their teeth have the depth of sense to discern where I’m going. Let the professionals do their job. Let the politicians develop their visions and plan their programs as they are both related to the floods. The last thing we would like is to review, on any scale, what happened last week and last month in Guyana. So far, I hear about this and that, and the usual words of political operators, and the choir of celebrants. Do we have the expertise and skills to deal with another large-scale flood, now almost routine? I do not think so. So why aren’t we talking about the Dutch? No whispering in the long term chatter and the big picture? No conversation, in the midst of the chatter, to begin to end what has just been endured?


GHK Lall

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