Kholaif’s paintings adorn the crown prince’s majlis, other key locations

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH – The paintings of Saudi plastic artist Fahad Kholaif, with acrylics on canvas and Arabic calligraphy, made him popular in the Kingdom and abroad. He rejoiced at the appreciation and honor he receives for his talent, even from the country’s leaders. One of his paintings hangs on the wall of the traditional majlis or the reception hall of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. The facade of King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah is decorated with another acrylic canvas painting by Kholaif.

Kholaif said it was a great honor to see his paintings hanging on the wall of the Crown Prince’s majlis and another in the office of Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman.

“My paintings are exhibited at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as in most Saudi academies and several embassies in various countries of the world. There are three paintings in the main Russian museums and this was made possible by an order of the Minister Russian Culture, ”he said.

Kholaif’s acrylic on canvas is an exceptional work of art mixing colors and patterns from the region. Fahad’s artwork usually bears calligraphy inscriptions from local carvings, as he believes they are essential to his being. His unique style depicts cities and life as he sees them.

Referring to why he chose his painting to display at Jeddah Airport, Kholaif said this choice was not a coincidence, but rather was made after the submission of sketches and drawings. preliminary, which have been approved and implemented in the field. “The beauty of the composition and the dazzling color, and what it carries with the Arab and local identity were the reasons for the choice.”

He also stressed the need to differentiate between the concept of Arabic calligraphy and vowelization with Arabic writing in artistic works, as the use of readable Arabic calligraphy in plastic work turns it into text and loses its meaning. character and formative beauty. “Many artists, including me, use and employ the Arabic letter formally and aesthetically because the Arabic letter has a striking beauty in itself and in its composition, and because of its musical rhythm and Arabic identity,” said he declared.

Kholaif stressed that the Saudi artist was certainly capable of transmitting the civilization of his country. “It is the greatest pleasure that the artist feels to highlight the identity of his country in a contemporary plastic work with a global language that everyone understands and appreciates, whatever their languages, their culture and their trends.

The renowned artist sees planning, hope and ambition as the key to success. “I aspire to be at the forefront of the arts and culture scene in all forums that elevate and elevate the name of our beloved kingdom, with the great support of Vision 2030, which has sparked and sparked the enthusiasm and unearthed the potentials of creativity, for all who belong. on the cultural scene with the generous support of the Saudi authorities, ”he added.

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