Launch of the Indus Valley font


The Abdul Majid Bhargari Institute of Language Authority Engineering has released a typeface named Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) Script Font. Speaking to the media, the director of the department, Amar Fayyaz Bardo, said that it is the first version of Wadi Mehran font, including Mohenjo Daro script, Khuda Wadi script, script included in Ganj , Ernest Trump’s script and Persu’s current Arabic script.

Amar Fayyaz further stated that other tangled Mehran Valley scripts will also be included in future versions of the font so that scholars around the world can get the best help in understanding the ancient Mehran Valley writings.

Speaking at the event, Anis Kaka, Head of IT Department of Sindhi Language Authority, said that it is a unique Sindhi language font in which the number symbols of Mohenjo Daro have been placed to make it beneficial to researchers.

The developer of this font, Shabir Kanbhar, said that it is a complete font based on Unicode and private codes that includes all letterforms of Sindhi writings.

On the other hand, old Sindhi language scripts will also be included in the next update. The Ministry of Culture, named after Abdul Majid Bhargari, has already done a lot to develop the Sindhi language. Apart from the leaders and employees of the organization, Sindh Salamat Seth, IT department of Sindhi Language Authority and others participated in the function.

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