Law & Order’s Elisabeth Rohm Shares Secrets From Her Spooky True Crime Podcast

Elisabeth Rohm as Lauren Gilmore in Heroes Pic Credit: NBC

Elisabeth Rohm returns to the world of crime drama, only it’s the real life genre.

The former Law & Order star talks about his new true crime podcast, Killer’s Vault. The new series promises to give a chilling glimpse into the minds of some infamous killers.

Rohm’s Time as Serena Southerlyn

Rohm first gained attention in the first season of the WB Angel series. She played Kate Lockley, a cop who only helps Angel get dumped to find out he was a vampire. This established a strained working relationship.

The had been plans for Kate to play a bigger role in the series and even become an antagonist for Angel. Before that happened, Rohm landed the role of Serena Southerlyn in Law & Order.

With a total of 85 episodes, Rohm is one of the longest-serving members of the cast, tied with Alana de la Garza as the original series’ longest-serving deputy prosecutor.

Cool in court, Serena could be a savvy investigator, helping Jack McCoy in business. But, sadly, all of his work is overshadowed by his controversial release.

In the Season 15 episode titled Ain’t No Love, Serena is fired by Arthur Branch, who argues that she is too clouded by her emotions about business. Out of nowhere, Serena asks if it really is her homosexuality.

It had never been stated throughout the series and seemed created just to trigger an otherwise boring outing. It has since become one of the made fun of the most moments from the Serie.

Rohm and his new podcast

Serena Southerlyn
Elisabeth Rohm as Serena Southerlyn in Law & Order Pic credit: NBC

Since leaving Law & Order, Rohm has been busy with several TV shows such as Heroes, The Client List, and The Last Ship. She also directed the Lifetime movie The Girl in the Basement.

Now Rohm is working with former NYPD Detective Robert Cea for this podcast which uses personal letters, phone calls, and other notorious killer material, many of which have never been made public before.

Those chosen include Gerard Schaefer, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, David Alan Gore, and “Toolbox Killers” Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris. Eric Roberts provides narration for the letter segments.

Speaking at Entertainment tonight, Rohm said she was drawn to the project by the murder of her uncle as a teenager. “It really had a haunting effect on my family.”

Rohm admitted she was strained by the material, but felt it offered a glimpse into how these infamous criminals have become.

“[[The show]]is sensational, shocking and disturbing, he is also responsible and intelligent. And I feel like it’s going to speak to just about anyone and anyone who’s interested in figuring out the way a serial killer thinks.

“If you are a responsible adult, parent or human being, I hope this will make you even more aware. There is an origin story of pain and abuse. Then there is an origin story of mistakes and terrible parents. And then the evolution of the construction of this serial killer, it is accelerating in a way every moment, and unfortunately, killing after killing. And through these letters you really understand how these monsters came to be. “

With season 1 underway, Rohm has hinted that the second season will feature more infamous names like Jeffrey Dahmer, David Berkowitz, and Charles Manson.

As she has mingled with vampires and ruthless crooks on television, Rohm shows that she is still drawn to real, real-life monsters.

Killer’s Vault Season 1 is now streaming.

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