Learn the essentials of hand lettering in this online course

Have you ever wanted to learn how to add a drawing element to your writing? It may sound strange, but the idea behind it is hand lettering. Hand lettering is the art of drawing letterforms in an aesthetic way, often to convey or evoke emotion. Sounds fun, right? You just need to know where to start. Then hand lettering artist Danison Fronda is here to help. His course titled Write your future: a handwritten letter and an inspirational phrase on My Modern Met Academy will teach you the basics of the subject and how to cultivate your own style.

This class was created with the true beginner in mind. Fronda shares essential knowledge, so you’ll have a full understanding of the tools you’ll need and the fundamental strokes that underpin your artistic letterforms. It will even provide you with worksheets so you can perfect your alphabet. Everything ends with the inscription of the phrase “I’m still learning”. Fronda will also write it down, so you can follow her expert instructions.

With her friendly and approachable style, Fronda wants to help all budding artists drown out their inner critics and take the first step towards lettering. “Lettering can seem like an intimidating art form, but when we break it down and change our mindset, lettering is as easy as putting pen to paper,” he says. “By the end of this course, I want students to feel like they have a basic foundation and understanding of the tools, materials, and concepts to try any style of script lettering out there. “

Register for Write your future: a handwritten letter and an inspirational phrase on My Modern Met Academy today. When you’re done, check out our other courses that are sure to spark your creativity.

Hand lettering with Danison Fronda

Taught by Danison Fronda, he will share all the tools you need as well as strokes to practice to perfect your letterforms.

Hand lettering with Danison Fronda

The course even comes with a practice model!

Hand lettering with Danison FrondaHand lettering with Danison Fronda

Together you will write the sentence “I am still learning”.

Hand lettering with Danison Fronda

Check out the class in the video below:

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