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Years ago I heard a saying, “The only things that stand between society and lawlessness are good police officers and good teachers.” It still seems true to me. Not only are they heavily criticized, but many of these jobs are unfilled. The solution is not to reduce qualifications. Rather, it must be long-term and consist in raising standards and qualifications, in making training both more rigorous and more demanding, then in increasing the salaries of those who successfully complete initial training and comply with continuous training and demonstrate their skills. .

Although I know next to nothing about police training, I recommend the book by Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown University, “Tangled Up in Blue”. She registered to become an officer in the District of Columbia. She came to recognize how to make police training more effective and more humane.

As for teacher training, I know a bit about it. It needs to be more rigorous, better designed and more uniform, and the number of colleges that accredit teachers should be drastically reduced to make quality control more likely.

If the police and certified teacher programs had higher admission standards, as well as more effective and ongoing training, the general public would respect them more and be willing to see them more adequately compensated. Increased public respect may be more urgent than higher wages, but we need to pay fairly those who protect us and educate our children.

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