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Newsom set to launch broad anti-gun net

D. “Newsom targets assault weapons”, page A1, December 13:

I support Governor Newsom’s proposed ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons. As our society becomes more politically polarized and less restrained by norms of social behavior, the danger of heavily armed individuals, and even marauding bands of disbelievers, becomes more serious.

Newsom’s bill needs two characteristics: on the one hand, a broad definition of semi-automatic weapons, to be sure to include all variants, and on the other hand, a ban on carrying or wearing use these weapons in public places.

While possession of these guns may be protected by the Second Amendment, taking them out of the owner’s home is not protected. For everyone’s safety, let’s see this law enacted and enforced.

Bruce joffePiedmont

Strengthening families to reduce violence

The letter to the editor “To reduce gun violence and tackle the root causes” (page A6, December 15) rightly suggests that more should be done to reduce the causes of gun violence, such as investing in programs aimed at reducing gun violence. prevent drug use or gang involvement. Dealing with the violence with more cops helps, but it only treats the symptom. Likewise, attempting to eliminate guns attacks a symptom, not the cause, and ignores the fact that guns will always be available to those who want them.

The real cause of gun violence and other crimes is, as President Obama said, the breakdown of single parent families and homes. Children in single-parent families are much more likely to not graduate from high school, to have lower employment outcomes and, sadly, to end up in prison.

We the people and the government must work together to strengthen families and encourage parents to stay together to give their children the advice they deserve and need.

Douglas abbottUnion City

Water initiative would shut down communities

D. “Initiative to finance and accelerate absolutely necessary water-related projects”, page A6, December 15:

Supporters of this water infrastructure initiative cannot hide their proposal to plunder the general state fund under the pretext of helping underprivileged communities of color.

The communities we work with have never been consulted on the development of this initiative and would be actively harmed by its adoption. The adoption of this initiative means that communities will no longer have a say in the development of water projects funded by this initiative, as it bypasses the legislature and processes such as CEQA and the Coastal Act of a way that excludes the public.

It even goes so far as to prevent state agencies from requiring that funded projects prioritize benefits to the public, while plundering the general fund, including programs aimed at realizing the human right to water. our communities really need it. Do not support this scam.

Kyle jonesCommunity aquatic centerSacramento

The story of the change of the “culture warriors”

Sadly, we have all become seasoned cultural warriors. The December 7, 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor made me envision a unique roller coaster of 20 years of epic events over our past 100 years. Appearing in descending order: first full year of COVID-19 pandemic (2021), September 11 (2001), AIDS virus identified (1981), first manned space flight (1961), United States enters World War II World (1941), the world’s first Communist Party founded in China (1921).

Innovators were born in such works: Alex Haley (1921), Bob Dylan (1941), Barack Obama (1961). The lasting legacy of those born in the following years has not yet been revealed. But all the culture warriors march in and out of the milestones.

Our future is entwined in the Gordian knot of time. Each eccentric year contributes to where we are today. Culture wars remind us that people do what is most necessary at any given time. Hope for a better future untangles the mess of time.

Mark R. CliffordMoraga

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