Letters to the Province, August 24, 2021: Why Did the Liberals Call an Election?

The minority government we had pressured the government of the day to work together to address the chronic, long-term problems that Canadians have lived with for decades, writes Jo-Anne Berezanski

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When we listen to the media coverage, the reason for the election is a political winning bet based on provincial elections that dismiss the sitting premiers with a majority.


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The Liberals returned to power in 2019 with a minority creating a coalition government. So why only after two years did Justin Trudeau call an election. Personally, I think the federal government that we had worked for average Canadians. Our vote actually counted and held the government of the day “accountable” and Canadians learned the intricacies behind resignations, appointments and punitive actions in the House by all parties.

Living Through Harper’s Conservative Majority Canadians did not hear about many of the irreversible actions taken by the Conservatives until they were ousted and Canada had to recover from the damage done by their majority.

The government we had pressured the government of the day to work together to address the chronic, long-term problems that Canadians have lived with for decades. So call an election amid the pandemic, the crisis in Afghanistan, climate change experienced firsthand in BC under a dome of heat and wildfires, runaway inflation, growing federal debt; First Nations issues are now becoming dominant Canadian issues, ask the question, would we know that under a majority?


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Perhaps the heat in the kitchen was too much for the Liberals. Call an election, remove the House, so politicians can get on buses and planes to make promises to fix these issues instead of taking the last few years to dig and sort out some of them?

He is a Canadian who hopes to return a coalition government and not a Liberal “majority”.

Erin O’Toole best described this election when he said there were many parties in contention but only two choices. Let’s prove him wrong, let’s tell all these politicians that democracy is government for the people, by the people.

Everyone gets the ear of the government under a coalition and only those who have rights or well placed get the ear under a majority. Make your vote count, so that we ordinary people have the ear of our elected officials. Let’s make them do what we do every day, understand it, and solve these chronic issues with a common thread of fairness and justice.


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Jo-Anne Berezanski, North Saanich

No more hydrants needed

Wouldn’t it make sense for the government to design more fire hydrants in small towns? Especially those near large water sources?

Water trucking is an expensive and inefficient way to tackle an entire city fire.

Grant Husdon, Salmon Arm

Do they really care?

It is hard to believe that major political parties really care about the environment and climate change when they travel from coast to coast to coast to solicit votes from Canadians.

Wouldn’t it be much cheaper – financially and environmentally – to spend your time and money on media advertisements rather than renting and / or buying planes and flying them across Canada every day for a day? months (or more) before each election?


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Jerry Steinberg, Surrey

Poor planning at BC Place

Kudos to BC Place and the BC Lions for your poor planning of seating and exit locations at the end of Thursday’s CFL game. Haven’t heard of social distancing?

It looks like you didn’t after seeing photos of people coming out in a tangled mess. You may have had people killed with COVID because of your complete lack of preparation. You’ve had 18 months to get it right and that’s what you’re saying.

I won’t go until it’s for dual vaccines only. It’s time for you to improve your game. You failed the Lions game miserably.

Bob Grennan, North Vancouver

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