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Lockdown is now a thing of the past, but its effects persist. There are not only routine logistical effects, there are also personal effects. Masks still need to cover faces in some areas such as doctors and dentists’ offices and there is no magazine in any public office in all of this county. Will there ever be more? Once a chatty and outgoing person, I now find it easy to stay in my hide-and-seek snuggled up against my computer, a book or Netflix and I don’t even approve of behavior like this.

After we were all vaccinated here at “home” I assumed the masks would be gone forever and I would see smiles again, but I wasn’t. Many have bonded with their masks and can wear them from now on. I will never understand it. Masks create problems: elastic ear cords get tangled in hearing aids and are known to project them halfway across the room. So you can’t hear. They hook onto the earpiece and remove the glasses from one side of your face. So you can’t see. They cling to your earrings, and a good rap does a disservice to the earlobes. They disturb the hair around your ears and pull the ears outward and make you look like Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs. Breathing in the CO2 that one has just exhaled cannot be a good thing. Who wants to breathe their own exhaust, I ask.

I stopped wearing my mask. I always wear it but I only put it on when asked. And surprisingly, no one asks me anymore. Personally, I think wearing a mask around people who are all vaccinated seems a bit cooing so I put my foot down: no mask unless asked.

Frankly, I think there have been personality changes and surely there are others who are discovering these things on their own. I’m not sure these changes are for the best either. I started writing letters to the editor of our local newspaper frequently, I wear workout clothes all day, I eat peanut butter for lunch (no bread) and sometimes my bed isn’t not done before two in the afternoon. Worse yet, I sometimes sit on my balcony and watch the cloud formations in the sky for long periods of time. I keep making lists of what I hope to do each day but don’t give a fig if something is checked or not. Having been a serious list maker all of my adult life, this is a serious deviation and it was the Covid that did it for sure.

Making lists is really “management by objective”, something that I have practiced during my professional life and it sounds better than “making lists” but even giving it a professional touch does not get me out. my Covid hangover. I tried hairdressing, physiotherapy, and watching Netflix shows. Nothing works.

I only have a few things left to do to buy a new car, find a boyfriend, or take a cruise around the world. Frankly, I don’t have the energy to do any of these three things. Since I sold my car, being transported by our valet service is very nice and cheaper, as far as boyfriend goes the terrain is limited in my age range and boyfriends need energy and sparkle and I’m running out of both. What about the cruise? I have been there and would hate to break a bone in a place like Nepal.

I hope I’m not the only one dealing with these changes in my life after the lockdown and I should probably just shut up about it and assume that ‘that too will pass’. But you better hurry! I have a book in the works and I pass out quickly.

Marge Flados is a resident of Harlingen, Texas and can be contacted at [email protected]

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