Mexican journalists say El Salvador kicked him out for his job

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Mexican journalist who served as editor of a crusading Salvadoran website said on Friday he was expelled from the Central American country as part of President Nayib’s “offensive” Bukele against the press.

Daniel Lizárraga was editor-in-chief of the Salvadoran news site “El Faro”, which has often denounced corruption or abuse. Bukele’s administration ordered him to leave the country earlier this week, claiming his work visa had not been renewed because he could not prove he was a journalist.

Bukele is a radical populist who often mingled with opponents, the press and other branches of the Salvadoran government. Bukele had previously accused El Faro of money laundering, which the site said was part of a “campaign of harassment, attacks, censorship and threats.”

Lizárraga told radio station W that he would continue to work with El Faro from Mexico.

“He (Bukele) thinks journalism is about propaganda,” Lizárraga said. “He would be happy if you told him every day how good he is.” ”

In an editorial, El Faro wrote “the real reason for his expulsion is not that he could not prove he is a journalist; quite the opposite, he is a journalist specializing in corruption investigations. This is what really bothered the Bukele regime, which is so plagued by corruption scandals. ”

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