Military training plane crashes in Texas, injuring two pilots

LAKE WORTH, Texas (AP) – A military training plane crashed in a neighborhood near Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday, injuring two pilots and damaging three homes but not seriously injuring anyone on the ground, authorities said .

The two pilots managed to eject the plane before it crashed in Lake Worth, just west of Fort Worth, authorities said at a press conference.

“This incident could have been much worse knowing that this plane crashed in a residential area,” Lake Worth Fire Chief Ryan Arthur said of the crash, which was reported to authorities shortly before. 11 a.m.

Police chief JT Manoushagian said a pilot’s parachute got tangled in power lines. One of the pilots was airlifted to a hospital in Dallas and was in critical condition, the Fort Worth Fire Department said in a statement. The other was taken to a Fort Worth hospital.

The Corpus Christi air force training chief said in a Facebook post that the crashed trainer plane was a Navy T-45C Goshawk assigned to Air Wing 2 training at Kingsville Air Force Base, approximately 676 kilometers south of Lake Worth. . The post stated that the instructor pilot was in stable condition and the condition of the naval aviator was unknown, but that he was alive and being treated.

The post said they were on a routine training flight from Corpus Christi International Airport, about 563 kilometers south of Lake Worth along the Gulf Coast.

Three homes were damaged and three residents of those homes were treated at the scene and released, the Fort Worth Fire Department said. The accident cut power to 44 homes in the area, and utility crews were working to restore it.

“We are incredibly fortunate that the plane crashed into the backyards of homes and not the residences themselves,” the Fort Worth Department said.

Two Fort Worth firefighters who were not on duty witnessed the crash and were the first to attend the scene, where they were able to attend to injured pilots, the department said.

Arthur said people who live in the damaged homes will be displaced because of the crash.

The district is close to the common reserve base of the naval air base. Officials said several military officials were at the scene of the crash. Attempts to reach the naval air base for comment were not immediately successful on Sunday.

“Our hearts go out to these servicemen and their families,” Manoushagian said.

“I imagine for a pilot this is the day that you dread, that you hope you never come,” he said.

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