Mohsin ‘AFK’ Insta Page Serves As Platform For Promotion Of J&K Talent

Mohsin Bilal Shah, 23, set up a social media page on Instagram a few years ago “Adorable Faces of Kashmir (AFK)” to provide a platform where artists from the valley could showcase their talent.

Soon the page was hit and he started getting many requests to promote them on his page. Today, the page has over 40,000 subscribers just to prove how popular Mohsin’s talent search page has become in such a short space of time.

A graduate of the hotel management course in Nasikh (Mumbai), the AFK page administrator claims he has promoted and provided a platform for dozens of singers, models, dancers, writers and other entrepreneurs.

Resident of the Safa Kadal neighborhood in the old town of Srinagar, Mohsin remembers that it was in 2015 that he launched a model Instagram page (Adorable Faces of Kashmir) and that in a few weeks he began to receive messages from many artists to promote them.

Sadly, three years later, in 2018, her AFK Instagram page was disabled for unknown reasons.

According to the social influencer, he had 49,000 followers at that time.

“I tried to retrieve the page, but couldn’t,” Shah said.

However, the debacle did not prevent him from making a fresh start. He created another Instagram account of the same name again next year in 2019.

Since then, his new page has once again crossed the 40,000 subscriber mark.

“I received overwhelming support from the people. Initially, AFK only promoted models. But then we started promoting singers, writers, calligraphers and other entrepreneurs as well, ”Mohsin said.

“My motivation is to promote local artists so that they can have a better platform to make a living. “

“The people at J&K, especially our young people, are very talented. Unfortunately, they don’t have a platform to exhibit it. AFK is trying to fill this void, ”Shah said.

The popularity of AFK is such that even international brands are now approaching it for professional business.

“Recently, an international brand ‘ZARA’ had its shoot in the Valley. For the shoot, they contacted AFK to send some models, which the latter did, ”he said.

Shah said that many organizations and businesses contact AFK for different requirements and they easily meet their requests for artists or something else.

“We act as facilitators and provide them with contact details and information for the respective artists. “

In addition, the AFK platform was part of major events organized by various organizers such as Muntaha Baba, Aynein Altaf.

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