Mountain statesman | Renaming the annex building loops the loop with the installation of the letter

TAYLOR COUNTY — Last December, Tony Veltri, longtime Taylor County Commissioner, was honored for his service to the county and its people, as Annex 2 of the Taylor County Courthouse was officially named in his honor. Recently, the process of dedicating the building to his name was completed, while the exterior lettering was installed.

According to Taylor County Commission administrative support staff Patricia Henderson, the lettering was fabricated and installed by Clarksburg-based Highman Signs.

“I think the lettering turned out to be really cool,” she said. “They did a fantastic job!

During the December 15, 2020 meeting of the Taylor County Commission, President Orville Wright officially declared that Annex No.2 would forever be known as the Tony J. Veltri Annex Building, in honor of a man who had dedicated 48 years of service. towards improving the community.

“Shortly after making the decision to renovate the building that would house our meeting room and offices, Rusty Efaw and I discussed the idea of ​​naming the building after Tony. Then when Sam [Gerkin] was elected and took office, he also agreed with the idea, ”explained Wright. “It seemed very fitting to dedicate the building to Tony, who has served the county well. He was a great mentor to me and probably everyone who served alongside him. “

During the official statement at the meeting, Wright presented a proclamation renaming the building. In the document, the commissioners outlined Veltri’s continued service to the county and its residents.

Anthony Joseph Veltri is a proud resident of Taylor County and has served the citizens of Taylor County, West Virginia, serving on the Taylor County Board of Education for 18 years and being elected to the commission. county five consecutive terms, ”Wright said.

He explained that Veltri encouraged the goodwill of residents to encourage new opportunities for citizens, a promise he made to the voters who elected him to his post.

“Anthony Joseph Veltri demonstrated great vision and embodied the highest standards of leadership, skillfully dealing with ongoing issues, while maintaining integrity, dedication, determination, respect and a great deal of patience.” Wright said.

With the idea accepted, the commissioners worked to secure a plaque that hung in the hallway at the entrance to the building but was hidden from Veltri’s view.

He joked that the whole time the honor was right under his nose, and he had no idea.

Now, with the newly installed lettering, it’s clear that the building is in honor of Veltri.

He shared that he never expected to be revered for his service, something he shared that he did for the betterment of the area.

“I wanted to get involved in the county commission because I felt I could make a difference,” Veltri said. “I wanted to help the county to be more progressive, to help its inhabitants by creating more infrastructure and creating jobs.”

He noted that during his nearly 30-year tenure, he saw huge changes for the better in the county.

Much like the building itself, Veltri has been an unwavering force, working for progress and improvements throughout the county.

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