Mubarak Hemoudi portrays Sudan’s legacy from the United States

“There is no home for Sudanese painters, no contemporary art museum, no permanent exhibition space in Sudan.”

Issam Abdel Hafeez Artist and art professor at the University of Science and Technology of Sudan

Hemoudi complains about the lack of support for artists in Sudan, starting with infrastructure, especially the scarcity of galleries and exhibition spaces, and ending with materials, such as paints, brushes and tools for sculpture and pottery. These conditions forced him to travel to the United States to make paintings that reflect the heritage of Sudan.

“I did most of my paintings outside of Sudan due to the lack of materials needed to produce these designs,” he said.

Most Sudanese artists are forced to leave the country due to the lack of capacity and exhibition space in the country’s cultural centers, according to Hemoudi. (See two related articles, “For Sudanese artist Mohammad Omar Khalil, black is everywhere” and “The art book series explores what it is to be an Arab artist.”)

Abdel-Hafeez agrees with the lack of state support for Sudanese artists, despite their global contributions.

“There is no home for Sudanese painters, no contemporary art museum, no permanent exhibition space in Sudan,” he said, adding that some ministries and official bodies were exhibiting inexpensive paintings from Chinese manufacture like those sold as house. decor.

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Finally, Hemoudi aspires for the government to support artists to promote the level and presence of Sudanese art beyond the Arab region.

“Sudanese art must restore its past glory of previous decades,” he said. “The many young Sudanese talents must be invested in organizing exhibitions inside and outside the country. “

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