Murshida Shana enters India’s Book of Records for painting five portraits simultaneously

Murshida Shana entered India’s record books by painting five portraits of her favorite actor simultaneously using both hands

At the age of 18, Murshida Shana got a record in her name for her interesting skills. The self-taught artist entered the Indian Book of Records for drawing five portraits of Tamil actor Suriya. She drew different characters played by the actor using both hands at the same time, and that too in 25 minutes.

Murshida has been drawing celebrity portraits, especially stencils for three years. “I did not draw the portraits of Suriya for the record. When I saw a lot of making records with their skills, I also wanted to engrave my name on the Indian record books. That’s how I decided to send the work of someone I adore the most, ”she says. The actor himself took his work to his social media page and appreciated the youngster’s unique artistic skills.

Although the Calicut native is a right hand by birth, she could also switch to the left from childhood. “I practiced two-handed writing for fun in school and continued in the same way for a long time. Then I tried to find out if I could draw with my left hand, which is interesting, I could do that too, ”she adds. Murshida decided to invest more time in art during the lockdown. Sticking A4 sheets on the wall, she focuses on both hands and draws accordingly. Eventually, Murshida’s collection began to grow. “So far, I have done over 30 celebrity portraits. I once drew 12 portraits using both hands at the same time, ”she says.

Murshida started drawing since she was in class V. “My sister used to draw mehendi on a lot of people, once I learned the process people started approaching me. I still continue to make mehendi, ”she says. The youngster is also an expert in handicrafts and calligraphy, especially Arabic calligraphy. She sells her works through her business @ _.artpassion._.

Besides portraits, Murshida has a proven track record in landscapes and can draw several subjects with both hands. “I always wanted to make my parents proud. Seeing them beam with pride makes this victory even more special, ”she adds. Murshida is now looking at Asia’s record books drawing an art form using the hands and legs at the same time.

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