New Beverage and Sweets Shop and Restaurant Take Shape in Twin Falls ID

The building envelope that will house two new Twin Falls foodservice businesses is nearing completion near the town’s visitor center. Construction workers were hard at work on site Tuesday afternoon when I passed by.

It has been more than four months since the land was inaugurated on the Twin Falls site, which will soon accommodate two new businesses in the city. One is a drink and confectionery specialty called Lamp, and the other is a Hawaiian style restaurant called Mo ‘Bettahs. The building is located next to the Outback Steakhouse and the Twin Falls Visitor Center.

In June, I visited the site during my lunch hour shortly after the opening. The site was nothing more than two huge mounds of earth. The location couldn’t be better as it is a stone’s throw from the Twin Falls Visitor Center. People walking the path near the Perrine Bridge can now grab a drink at Swig or stop for a bite to eat at Mo ‘Bettahs without having to drive anywhere.

Swig specializes in carbonated and energy drinks, hot chocolate, cookies, pretzel bites, and other snacks and drinks. Mo ‘Bettahs serves dishes such as teriyaki chicken, barbecued pork, tempura shrimp, fried chicken, and island-inspired salads.

While no planned opening date for either company has been announced, construction is proceeding apace, so an opening in spring 2022 is certainly doable. Twin Falls is booming right now when it comes to new dining options, and I can’t wait to try these two new businesses when the doors open in the coming months.

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