New font feature coming to PowerPoint with a March 2022 release date

The Microsoft 365 roadmap is always updating with new cool features, and another has just been added to the record, this time for PowerPoint. Soon, PowerPoint for Windows will allow organizations to inject their own fonts into the mix.

You can find the feature in question on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap by searching for Feature ID 90893. There you will find one labeled “PowerPoint: Organizational Fonts in PowerPoint for Windows” with the following description: “This feature will allow organizations to add their custom fonts to PowerPoint. “

Its general availability is slated for March 2022, although, as with roadmap dates, the feature’s expected release window is only an estimate, not a guarantee. So don’t bet that Microsoft will perform on its own schedule. For example, take a look at the Surface Duo. This thing still hasn’t received a major Android operating system update that people have been waiting for since mid-2021 and which Microsoft later said would happen by the end of 2021.

That said, font feature updates in PowerPoint don’t seem like the most unreasonable thing to expect fast delivery, so if your organization has a custom font on hold, ready to hit the slides, stay tuned. glacial. March 2022 is fast approaching, as long as your definition of a wedge is “a period of about two months”.

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