New photo exhibition in Riyadh combines calligraphy and natural landscapes

UAE Pavilion to Show Prototype of Eco-Friendly Cement at Venice Architecture Biennale

DUBAI: The 17th Venice Architecture Biennale is expected to feature a full-scale prototype structure by the UAE National Pavilion.

The salt-based prototype is created from an eco-friendly cement made from recycled industrial waste brine and will be accompanied by a photograph commissioned by Emirati photographer Farah Al-Qasimi.

The structure is 2.7 meters high and seven by five meters wide and has an interior pedestrian space. It consists of up to 3000 modules made of an MgO-based cement designed by curators Wael Al-Awar and Kenichi Teramoto in a collaborative research process.

Taken in his signature style, the scenic photographs capture the tension between urbanization and nature in the country’s sabkha. (Provided)

At the National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates, the prototype will be placed in photographs 4.5 meters wide and 3 meters high of the sabkha of Al-Ruwais (salt pans), taken by New York-based artist Al-Qasimi .

Taken in its signature style, the scenic photographs capture the tension between urbanization and nature in the country’s sabkha, which has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its scale, cultural significance and complexity. ecological.

According to a statement issued, Al-Qasimi said, “The landscape of the sabkha sites presents a time of conflict and resolution. Above and below the earth, the sabkha is a serene living environment with many layers of water, sand, salt, and microorganisms that have evolved in harmony to create a delicate ecological system that absorbs more carbon per meter. square as the rainforest.

Farah Al Qasimi’s photographs will be exhibited with the prototype. (Provided)

“But just above this natural phenomenon, there are high-voltage cables heading to massive industrial facilities nearby, emitting a breathtaking electric hum. My photographs of the site capture this tension between industrialization and the environment. I am very proud to contribute to the UAE pavilion, working with a cosmopolitan research team that truly reflects the diversity of the nation, ”she added.

The international architecture exhibition, which is scheduled to open to the public from May 22 to November 21, will include 110 participants from 46 countries, with increased representation from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Five countries are participating for the first time in the Venice Biennale 2021: Iraq, Azerbaijan, Grenada and Uzbekistan.

In addition to the United Arab Emirates, the exhibition program includes pavilions from Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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