New Yezdi Roadking officially teased in ‘Matrix Resurrection’ font

After Jawa, Classic Legends will relaunch the iconic brand Yezdi in the Indian market. The company also teased the bike on its social media grips using the same font and graphics as the new movie The Matrix Resurrections.

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The company also used the slogan “Another Ressurection Coming Soon” which only hints at its upcoming Roadking ADV. The same motorcycle has already been spotted several times in test drives on public roads in India. The upcoming new bike is possibly the modern iteration of the iconic Roadking bike from the past.

The new Roadking teaser video doesn’t reveal much information about the product but only gives a glimpse of the silhouette of the bike that will become a bisport bike.

Rumors have it that the Roadking ADV is likely to have 18-inch spoke wheels with tubeless tires. The bike may also have long travel suspension which will help it through all terrain.

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At the heart of the Roadking ADV is likely to be a liquid-cooled 334cc single cylinder engine that develops 30.64 hp and 32.74 Nm. This engine is also seen on the Jawa Perak bobber. However, the company is more likely to tune the engine and transmission to match the adventure credentials of the bike.

In addition, the motorcycle is also likely to be available in two cosmetically different variants.

As for the launch, the bike is expected to go on sale in the Indian market in the coming weeks.

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