Nuneaton Co-op Food Hall ‘ghost signs’ emerge in demolition

Ghost signs of the Nuneaton Co-op Food Hall appeared during the demolition of the entire area.

CoventryLive took a tour of the demolished Co-op department store and grounds.

During this tour, we observed some of the famous food hall signs in a site that is a shell of its former glory.

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The old lettering ‘Spirits & Tobacco’, in Co-op blue color, is visible on the wall inside the rear of the building.

Just outside the back of the building, which faces the demolished area, is one of the old ‘Co-op’ signs.


The old Co-op sign can be seen at the back of what was once the Food Hall that has served generations in the city

These glimpses of the building’s past are all that are left after the Food Hall closes.

Ultimately, they too will be consigned to the history books as the hull of the old food hall also needs to be demolished.

From the outbuilding of the old India Red restaurant to the New Century Way to the old Food Hall building – everything will be bulldozed.

This is how what was the New Century Way area can be opened up to show the planned new development at the former Co-op parking lot – which includes the Hilton hotel.

The hull of the old food hall remains – but ultimately it will be demolished as part of plans to open much of the current New Century Way area

The current New Century Way stores could begin to be demolished in the early spring of next year.

The new Hilton hotel will be built to the far right of the parking lot, opposite the old Ritz building.

Next to it, still on the parking lot, will be a building for undecided leisure.

Next, a new cinema will be installed next to it and finally in the left corner of the parking lot, closest to Queens Road, there will be a new multi-storey parking lot.

At the corner of Abbey Street, an exterior building behind the old India Red restaurant will be demolished – along with all buildings.

The complete masterplan for the regeneration of Abbey Street

This will open up the vast grounds of the former Co-op department store.

It will pave the way for the construction of a new food hall.

An “attractive” public domain, which will be triangular in shape, will be created for theater and live performances.

The remains of the existing Co-op building on Abbey Street, including part of the former Toys Department and Santa’s Cave, will house a new North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College training center, as well as its restaurant public.

On the Stratford Street side of the site, there will be retail and office space on the ground floor, with living spaces created one floor above.

Then the iconic section of the old cooperative, with the Art Deco sign on the frontage of Queens Road, will become a business center.

The old cafe, workshops and the old sewing room, where bespoke curtains were created, have been transformed into a new office space with toilets and kitchens on both floors.

These should be marketed with the hope that new tenants will soon be able to move in.

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