Olli Meier’s Vary font family was inspired by the Bulgarian alphabet

This particular letter was apparently inspired by a very rare manuscript “B” spotted by Meier in a shop window in Sofia, Bulgaria. When he flipped this design 180 degrees, the Latin character “G” was born. Another interesting example is the “R” in the modern stylistic set, which was inspired by the handwritten Cyrillic character “Я”.

Vary is available as a variable font and comes with 10 predefined instances of Hairline to ExtraBlack. It was a family of fonts that Meier started designing in 2016 while he was an intern at Monotype. “I just wanted to create my own typeface and learn as much as possible from the designers of Monotype, from the first sketch to the final product,” Meier tells Creative Boom.

“At that time, I never intended to release this font to the general public. I just wanted to create a font for my own needs, so I continued to work on the project at my own pace. I have redesigned the entire font family at least twice after the great feedback I received from my mentor Steve Matteson. Four years and a lot of hard work and passion later, Vary is now over. “

It is certainly a project of passion; one that took Meier “many evenings, nights, and weekends” to design with all the kerning and spacing. “It was part of what I enjoyed most about the process – being able to combine both sides of typography: my expertise in coding is what I do at Monotype and applying the typeface design knowledge that I’ve gained over the past few years, ”he adds.

Like what you see? Browse the Vary font family at your leisure on vary..

Fonts by Olli Meier. Work by Vincenzo Marchese Ragona

Fonts by Olli Meier.  Work by Vincenzo Marchese Ragona

Fonts by Olli Meier. Work by Vincenzo Marchese Ragona

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