OnlyFans model shows what she looked like before spending thousands on plastic surgery

A mum has shown what she looked like before spending thousands on plastic surgery and tattoos. Becky Holt, who lives in Cheshire and is often considered ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’, posted the snap on her Instagram channel.

The OnlyFans model has revealed she spent £35,000 to cover 95% of her body in tattoos as well as several plastic surgeries. Now she has posted photos showing how she looked before the drastic transformation.

“Can’t believe these are me, model days of absolute nostalgia,” she wrote in the caption. “No surgery. Barely any tattoos. So where is the question now?”

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Becky has geometric patterns on her chest and colorful ink on her legs. She also has a tattoo of a shark and geishas, ​​her favorite tattoo being the words of David Bowie in calligraphy on her forehead. And it’s not just her face that’s covered — Becky has some on her armpits and genitals, too. Becky also altered her appearance by going under the knife.

She had breast augmentation to improve her curves, which was her first surgery at age 20. Becky has since gone on to have more boobs and rhinoplasty too. She said she doesn’t plan on going back to her natural look anytime soon. Previously, she told Instagram fans that she “really loves” her tattoos.

When asked if she would consider having laser surgery to remove her ink, she said she wouldn’t. She replied, “No. I really like my tattoos.

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