Opening of the Sands Gallery at the Grand Suites of the Four Seasons

The Sands Gallery is a permanent art space located on the 6th floor of the Four Seasons Grand Suites and offers guests the opportunity to explore a variety of ever-changing art exhibits. The gallery was born out of Sands China’s desire to help cultivate an environment that nurtures creativity and appreciation for art in Macau. It also aims to support the development of art and culture and to bring a greater diversity of experiences to the city, while promoting and encouraging professional artists in Macau and throughout the region.

sands China plans to invest more resources to invite renowned local and international artists of different art forms to hold exhibitions at the gallery to enrich the cultural experience of Macau residents and visitors.

“In opening the Sands Gallery, Sands China’s ultimate goal has always been to help Macau establish itself as a base for multicultural exchanges and cooperation emphasizing Chinese culture,” said Dr. Wilfred Wang, chairman of Sands China Ltd., at the ceremony. “We truly believe that a permanent, high-level exhibition space – equipped with advanced software and hardware resources, and targeting an international audience – will, by regularly introducing high-level art exhibitions, play an active role not only in enriching the city’s art and culture and propelling artistic diversity, but also in fostering in-depth exchanges and cooperation between artistic groups in Macaumainland China and other countries.”

As the Sands Gallery’s first landmark exhibition, Ink innovation features over 30 imaginative works by world-renowned Chinese artists Wang Dongling and Xu Leiand part of February 24 to March 20, 2022. It was curated by an internationally renowned art historian Julia F. Andrewswho is an eminent professor at Ohio State University and an expert in her field.

Andrews said: “It is very important that we exhibit the work of the two artists, Wang Dongling and Xu Lei, for the official launch of Sands Gallery, as it demonstrates Sands China’s continued commitment to art and culture. The theme of this exhibition can be described in two aspects: “Ink” emphasizes the importance of Chinese ink painting, and “Innovation” implies that Chinese calligraphy will be transformed from its traditional roots into an art form. modern. Chinese calligraphy has undergone the processes of deliberation, revolution and innovation over the past century. These two artists have dedicated their careers to studying and expanding the language of ink, hoping to introduce audiences to modern Chinese calligraphy as a globally focused art form created for the ‘to come up. It is also an important expression of sharing the value of Chinese culture with the world and an artistic way of expressing the confidence of Chinese culture. »

As Macau is a city that represents the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, the exhibition presents the works of two artists whose styles are striking examples of the meeting between East and West. Each artist has developed an undisputed mastery of traditional Chinese ink techniques – calligraphy in Wang’s case and painting in Xu’s case – then skilfully applied them in original, inventive and contemporary ways.

Andrews describes Wang’s work as wild and kinetic. In addition to his large-scale calligraphy work, he has developed his own unique and recognizable style, dubbed Entangled Calligraphy, which is described as “cursive writing that is not just rapidly brushed, but densely layered, slanting columns and sliding into one another to cover the entire surface, their lyrics unreadable to most viewers, but their compelling kinesthetic energy obvious to all.”

Wang said in a pre-recorded video message, “I would like to express my gratitude to Sands China for inviting me to exhibit my works with Xu Lei in an exhibition organized by Julia F. Andrews at the Sands Gallery. The important element of Chinese calligraphy is the refinement of lines, because each brush expresses the feeling, aesthetics and spirit of an artist. As a calligrapher, I hope calligraphy will evolve from its traditional roots into a modern art form that will adapt to today’s world. My works, which involve cursive calligraphy couplets, entangled calligraphy, and different materials, share the same philosophy as Xu’s mysterious yet poetic works. It makes me believe that our works will give our viewers an aesthetic emotion. I wish the exhibition every success and hope that visitors will enjoy it.”

Xu’s work, in contrast, is described by the curator as precise and still. She adds: “Instead of meticulous renderings of birds or flowers, he uses his refined technique to create surreal spaces in which mysterious objects, many of which come from China artistic heritage, appear.” His surreal scenes are dreamlike, and juxtapose traditional Chinese motifs with unexpected elements.

Xu, who attended the opening, said, “The exhibition features my iconic artworks that were created before I changed my drawing style in 2010, when I was still at my beginnings as an artist. The imagery in these works demonstrates the correlation between Western and Chinese culture, and how they affect and permeate each other. It is a pleasure for me to be associated with Master Wang to present our two works in a city that combines Chinese and Western cultures with a rich artistic atmosphere. I felt impressed when I saw my works exhibited in an art space with sophisticated and subtle details. I hope that viewers can travel on their visits and interact emotionally with my works.”

Wang, Xu and Andrews have collaborated with some of the world’s best-known art institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in new Yorkthe Guggenheim Museum, the National Art Museum of China in beijingand the British Museum in London.

At Wednesday’s opening ceremony, musicians from the Chinese Youth Orchestra of Macao played traditional Chinese instruments guzheng, flute, vertical flute and erhu in a classical Chinese music performance. The event ended with a VIP tour of the exhibition led by a representative of the curator Li Hong-Fei and Xu.

The guests of honor at the opening were Bai Bing, head of the culture and sports division of the publicity and culture department of the Macao SAR Central People’s Government Liaison Office; Sam Hou In, head of the Department of Exhibitions and Museums of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of the Macao SAR; Jennifer Si Tou, Head of Department of Tourism Products and Events of Macao Government Tourism Office; exhibition artist Xu Lei; Li Hong-Fei, representative of the curator; Dr. Wong; Virginia LamExecutive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Sands China Ltd. ; Julien Chow, senior vice president of special projects, strategy and product development for Sands China Ltd. ; and Vikram Reddygeneral manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Macao.

The Innovation of Ink: Transformation and Reinvention of Oriental Aesthetics – Featured Exhibition by Wang Dongling & Xu Lei at Sands Gallery is open to the public from 11 a.m. to7 p.m. every day until March 20, 2022. More information about the exhibition is available at

High resolution photos of the featured artwork can be downloaded from the link below:

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