Orange County Sales Tax Vote Is Hard to Swallow

When I venture out, putting my safety and mental well-being at risk, navigating my way through the perils of traffic in the Orlando area, I am as quick to complain about congestion and delays as anybody. As much as I would like to see improvements in the situation, I cannot bring myself to vote for a 1% increase in the “transportation” sales tax.

I just don’t trust our current and future elected county leaders to do what they promise with the money. The $125 million aid they gave to Universal for road construction did nothing to alleviate traffic problems in Orange County. Did they honestly think Universal wouldn’t build another theme park without taxpayer help? They can’t even respect voters’ wishes for the future of Split Oak Forest. Some of our elected officials seem to suffer from short-term memory problems. This voter does not!

Bill Andrew Orlando

If Florida is to remain a relatively safe, inviting, and livable state, there is one imperative that all responsible citizens must earnestly abide by: the defeat of Governor Ron DeSantis and the GOP legislature at the polls in November. As if his most recent cowardly play to disband Disney’s Reedy Creek weren’t enough, our political and autocratic governor has now declared his biggest mission before leaving office is to pass a “constitutional” gun law ( Orlando Sentinel, April 29), which would further relegate Florida to the status of a confirmed “crazy city”. With guns everywhere, no license required, the big question to this obvious madness is: why? Why now, and who benefits from the chaos that is sure to ensue? Isn’t there enough carnage and bloodshed in the streets already?

It is telling that only Republicans can see the urgency of implementing such a ruthless, negligent and unnecessary law, especially at a time when there are in fact serious and pressing issues such as property insurance and out of control rental rates that affect lives and need to be addressed urgently. Enough political complacency to the detriment of all of our lives. It’s time to deliberately fire DeSantis and the GOP Legislature, for the good of us all.

Courtney Smith Orlando

When reading EJ Antoni’s April 28 column, “Opinion: Blame Washington, not Putin, for climbing costs,” on April 28, Sir Walter Scott’s famous statement, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave/ When we first practice deceiving,” immediately came to my mind.

Antoni is a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, an institution that once promoted conservative politics but is now a staunch supporter of radical Republican authoritarian capitalist politics and economics. Thus, the source of this piece of Antoni’s propaganda is important to consider.

Antoni is right: Blame Washington primarily for rising prices. But which Washington? Not the Washington of President Joe Biden, but rather the Washington under former President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that increased the national debt by a record high $7.8 trillion in four short years. Blame the Trump administration for not confronting and minimizing the damage to our economy and people by lying about the COVID-19 virus as no worse than the flu and then doing nothing about it. Can you begin to imagine the disaster this country would find itself in if Biden hadn’t won the presidency and the Democrats had taken control of Congress? I shiver at the thought. By then there would be two million Americans dead and we would be in the throes of full-scale depression, a Republican specialty.

Richard Sutherland winter haven

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