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We, like many in the great halls of Congress and many other Americans, realized that there was no need for a Congressional investigation into the visit many Americans made to the United States Capitol on January 6.

After all, that’s really all it was. Visit. Tourists who wanted to see where our democracy is carefully constructed and protected. Tourists often look for souvenirs wherever they visit, so no real harm that a few items have been stolen. And, of course, when there’s a crowd of people trying to get into a place at the same time, there’s bound to be breakage. It happens all the time at concerts, right?

You have to understand that the calls to the leaders of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence were not serious. Boys will be boys, right? And, to be fair, some girls will be girls.

Let’s keep the perspective here. Only five people died in what could be described as something akin to mass confusion, which you might occasionally witness at concerts. Or football matches. Or special religious celebrations in which 45 people die. This is barely sufficient to warrant an investigation.

Most of those who died were supporters of then-President Trump, so why would Democrats even want an investigation? A heart attack made one, a stroke made another, another was crushed by the onslaught of other tourists and a gunshot by the Capitol Police, who clearly mistook the patriotic tourists for – what is the term that the former president liked? – “bad men”. The Capitol police officer? Well, there is no doubt that his disappearance was quite unintentional. After all, these visitors to the Capitol were patriotic tourists who always support the men in blue, right? Just bad timing, you know. Wrong place at the wrong time.

As the saying goes, move on.

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