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Last week, after an unsuccessful attempt to nominate a candidate for the May 10 senatorial by-election in Lofa County, a handful of disappointed Unity Party leaders and supporters, in the absence of their door- sick flag, took to the streets of Monrovia to “protest”. They went after foreign embassies and missions to offer an ‘alert’ about their rightful refusal under the Framework Agreement which contractually bound the UP and three other registered political parties to act and present candidates to the within collaborating political parties (CPP). from Liberia. They did so successfully in the 2020 midterm senatorial elections.

Obviously aware of the penalty of withdrawal, and while benefiting from the CPP’s rotating leadership, Boakai withdrew his Party from the CPP’s unity. After more than 18 months of existence and public compliance with the terms of the framework agreement, the leaders of the UP informed the NEC that they could not be bound to the CPP because they “had not signed” the master agreement filed with the NEC, for which said instrument must be considered as “fraud proceeds”. The NEC rightly disagreed and asked the UP to take its constitutional claims to the Honorable Supreme Court. Meanwhile, until the court orders otherwise, the UP would not be allowed to field a candidate in the Lofa by-election on its own behalf.

Ridiculously, rather than calling out the follies and errant judgment of its flag bearer and other leaders, some UP leaders shamelessly sought to ‘alert’ foreign missions and embassies in a street ‘protest’ useless. A few days after their “alert demonstration”, and instructively, while the question of their participation in the Lofa by-election, and by extension the presidential and general elections of 2023, is pending before the Supreme Court, the Secretary General of the UP announced that their 79-year-old standard bearer, former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, has been subpoenaed by the Liberian government to help the government prosecute Alexander Cummings. More than 4 months ago, the talkative Solicitor General Cllr. Syrenius Cephus, named Joseph Boakai the government’s “star witness”.

After initially dodging the subpoena service, with the defeat at the NEC and his political ambition on the Supreme Court docket, a vindictive Boakai is ready, like Brutus, to stab Cummings and sound the death knell for the community of Liberian opposition. . Boakai supports the charges against the one who dared to challenge his coronation at the CPP. The complaint against Cummings was filed by Boakai’s aspiring vice-president, a UN-sanctioned and indicted gunman, Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party (ALP).

For the most part, Boakai has been sheepish and reluctant to condemn the Weah-led administration for its many failures. Retired, Boakai is a government employee and receives monthly checks from the government for his upkeep. Two of his sons are employed by the Maritime Authority and Social Security. Even then, Boakai wants the Liberian people to believe they are serious about overthrowing President Weah in 2023, while depending on Weah for him and his family’s upkeep.

The Liberian government’s arrest warrant for Cummings accuses him of including an opt-out penalty clause in the framework agreement, which has not been resolved by the four parties. The team of government prosecutors have admitted to having “inadvertently” extracted a number of critical conversations from evidence that shows the exact opposite and clearly exonerates Cummings. ‘Prosecutor’s misconduct’ proves Cummings’ trial is more than a search for the truth. It is political persecution to weaken the opposition. President Weah is counting on Joseph Nyuma Boakai, the standard bearer of the UP, to help him serve the people of Liberia with this undemocratic menu and abuse of the justice system for personal political gain.

Short-sighted again, just as they self-destructed at the NEC after declaring their withdrawal from the CPP, Boakai and some of his UP supporters are salivating at the thought of stabbing Cummings in Weah’s gun court. But the evidence supporting Cummings’ innocence and exoneration is overwhelming. The cognitive abilities of the elderly UP leader cannot be said to be up to par. He is, at best, suspect with his advanced age and declining health.

Rather than hurt Cummings, which Boakai thinks he’s giddy doing, the octogenarian is set up by the government to expose his frailty, incapacity, and lack of mental fitness. The Weah administration uses Boakai to drive a wedge in the opposition community and relies on another direct mistake by Boakai, the first of which was to send slave Urey to file a criminal complaint against Cummings, which was followed of the announced withdrawal of the UP. of the RPC, after having benefited from its obligations. The two leadership errors have left the UP unsettled and unsettled.

Boakai unwittingly runs to the courts to destroy himself and the Unity Party of Edward Kesselly and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The old man needs help. Rather than “alerts” to foreign embassies and missions later, now is the time to save UP from a self-centered, vindictive, and destructive Boakai. The Liberian people will be ruthless.

Party of unity, beware!

As Sir Walter Scott warned: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first train to deceive!”

James Doedeh


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