PM COMMITMENT TO HELPING NEW OWNERS: Minnis unveils range of dealerships to kick off homebuilding explosion

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.


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PREMIER Dr Hubert Minnis said if re-elected the Free National Movement would offer housing concessions to all new Bahamian landlords who build owner-occupied housing worth 300,000. $ or less.

“This applies whether you intend to build on private land or on government land that you have received or purchased,” he said at an FNM rally on Saturday.

“There will be no tariffs on construction materials. For all these residential constructions, there will also be no value added tax on construction materials or on the value of the construction contract.

“This will benefit many potential owners. This will help create a construction boom.

Dr Minnis also said the accounting firms have completed the first review of applications for the Prospect Ridge community, a community geared towards young professionals. The government received just over 1,500 applications for the project.

Dr Minnis said he was determined to bring the program to Eleuthera, Exuma, Abaco and Andros as well.

“Those who buy land in these developments will not have to pay tariffs on building materials, furniture and appliances. In addition, they will not have to pay property tax for five years.

“We are also very advanced in the development of the Carmichael Village subdivision. The development and subdivision will provide 365 lots for Bahamians to build houses. These will be built under concessions granted by the government. The Ministry of Housing has already issued letters of intent to around 100 people. The majority of these new homeowners have since obtained commitments from financial institutions to build their homes, ”he said.

The FNM has maintained a sustained rally schedule since Dr Minnis announced the September 16 elections. Saturday’s rally in New Providence came after the prime minister staged events in Cat Island and San Salvador, areas long represented by Liberal Progressive Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis.

While on Cat Island, Dr Minnis told supporters he had been “reliably informed” that his party had won the advance poll.

“And I know Thursday we’ll take the rest – and Cat Island is ours,” he said.

Although FNM rallies are meant to be drive-thru events, some people got out of their cars and crowded in front of the rally stage with minimal social distancing on Saturday. People also got out of their cars during the Family Island gatherings.

Dr Minnis also said that a second Minnis administration would enact a home port law to encourage cruise lines to make the Bahamas their home port.

“This will bring many more visitors to the Bahamas, a significant economic opportunity for you,” he said.

He also pledged to improve business for tourism operations in a variety of ways, although he did not say how he would achieve this. “We will allow visitors to arrange taxi and tour transportation directly with licensed Bahamian cruise providers and land visitors so that taxi and tour drivers can earn much more money directly,” he said. he declared.

“We will make it easier for visitors to make reservations for dining, entertainment and heritage tourism directly with Bahamian companies licensed for cruises and land visitors.”

“Many of these arrangements will allow Bahamian providers to receive their full payment for these services instead of having to pay large sums of commission to non-Bahamian intermediaries.

“We will make it easier for retail stores to sell resort wear, souvenirs and other products by attracting more hotel and cruise passengers to their stores. ”

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