Police Android 12, icon customization may be gone for good

Android has always been famous for its customization options, but in Android 10 Google took this even further with the ability to easily adjust system accent colors and fonts. In Android 12, however, it looks like the ability to swap fonts and icons will be removed in favor of Material You.

With the latest beta of Android 12, we’ve seen Google fully implement its new Material You design language with colors that change based on your wallpaper, more colorful elements throughout the operating system, and a new style selector that gives users a little more control.

What this new picker lacks, however, are the font and icon customization options that were present in Android 10 and Android 11, but disappeared with Android 12. Some of the default accent colors are also lost. While some can quickly assume it’s just because the update is in beta and not everything has been sorted out yet, it looks like it hasn’t.

In an Issue Tracker discussion thread highlighted by XDA, Google says the removal of the fonts and icons theme in Android 12 is “intended behavior”, adding that Material You’s “dynamic theme” is “more modern and smarter.”

Custom styling functionality (font, icon shape, icon pack, and accent color) in R is replaced by the new dynamic theme functionality that we are introducing in S.

We consider the new dynamic theme feature to be more modern and smart. A simple and pleasant experience that we hope all users can enjoy.

The writing has been on the wall since the release of Android 12 Beta in May. Tweaks like the new Quick Settings menu were certainly a sign that things were changing, but Google’s comment on this thread seems to confirm that customization of fonts and icons won’t return to Android 12. It’s possible that user feedback change the company’s view, but even then it will likely take some time before any changes are implemented.

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