Possible Worlds by Jonathan Hickman. The cover letter everyone dreams of

Since 2006, we’ve been enjoying Jonathan Hickman’s complicated scripts. But before coming to Marvel and flipping every collection he touched, Hickman produced a series of shorter, more personal stories for independent publisher Image Comics. Panini Comics compiles them in a hardcover volume worth browsing.

Sowing the foundations

Jonathan Hickman can receive a multitude of adjectives that qualify him within his profession but one of the most successful, if we could only choose one, is that of architect. Each work he undertakes is accompanied by a solid structure to which he adds new elements that end up forming a functional and beautifully constructed building. We’ve seen him go through all of the classic La Casa de las Ideas supergroups and he’s tagged them all. The fantastic four, the avengers and in fact The X-Men They experienced long stages in which that of South Carolina left its mark. And we can’t forget his Secret Warriors and the sensational SHIELD either. A blockbuster staged at Marvel, including the Secret Wars event which largely redefined the publisher’s Disney-owned superhero multiverse.

But before all that, his journey was not without his personal touch, which he maintains to this day even when it comes to design and its well-known accompanying texts. At Nightly news (El Informativo Nocturno) we are witnessing a living example. Already in his first post we have a conscientious and very critical screenwriter with some of the situations we live in today, such as political polarization or indoctrination through education or the media. Hickman points out, bluntly, the corruption of institutions at all levels, points our heads demanding that we open our eyes to realize the world that a few orchestrate for us, the lambs led to slaughter by shepherds with moral qualities. very weak.

Right to fame

With The nightly news, Hickman’s career takes off with a bang. He takes care of it as the full author, script, design and color, including lettering and editing, absolutely everything under his control. Its quality earned it a 2008 Eisner Award nomination for Best Limited Series, an award given to The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. This was just the beginning of what was to come. The following limited series included in the volume will show us the possibilities of time travel with the intention of modifying it and adapting it to a partisan idea of ​​society, seeking to eliminate the unwanted to achieve a unified civilization after a process shorter than usual, which would lead to a full-fledged democratic republic.

Of course, the path will not be free of obstacles or stones to trip over. Pax Romana brings us a criticism on the use of any means to achieve the desired goal. He shows us once again the face of human ambition which puts its own glory or benefit first in the search for the common good. Religion also receives its corresponding sticks, although the author uses it as a vehicle to unify weaker minds and lead them towards this ideal project. Pax Romana also counts Hickman as a full author. The two other series, of four numbers each, included in the volume, already leave us the good Jonathan occupying the facet of the screenwriter. In Red Mass From Mars and Red Wing, drawn respectively by Ryan Bodenheim and Nick Pitarra, we find a different tone, a little more commercial but with Hickman’s ability to create booming fictional universes.

What are you writing for

On the one hand a world of superheroes who have to face an alien invasion and on the other hand a group of combat ship pilots with the possibility of temporary movements. The two themes will be taken up again by the author during his journey through Marvel, with great success, everything is said. Like longevity and even eternity, concepts very present in the mind of Hickman. Together, the four series help us draw an X-ray of Jonathan Hickman very close to what was his later work. Common themes with a different approach from which we can now benefit greatly in the ambitious restart of the mutant collections, in a new complex exercise of what he does best.

Possible worlds by Jonathan Hickman is a highly recommended compilation, which does not leave our critical mind indifferent. Whether you are a fan of Hickman and new to his early work or appreciate cohesive and detailed worlds born from the imagination of a complex writer who does not despise the reality around him, this is your book. . I enjoyed it very much, had very high expectations and it did not disappoint me at all. Thank you Mr Hickman, it is a pleasure to get lost in your organized mind, although it is not suitable for all audiences.

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