Queen’s Scribe, born in Trini, will offer free calligraphy classes in the area

With everyone mastering the ability to type with two fingers on their devices, the art of handwriting seems to be lost.

As a result, sending emails and texts is much more convenient than taking the time to lovingly handwrite someone a letter.

Paul Antonio hopes to change this by teaching people, especially young people, the art of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush.

Antonio, born Paul Antonio Attong in Trinidad and Tobago, is a world-renowned calligrapher.

Since migrating to the UK in 1988, Antonio has worked on numerous weddings for royal families and nobility, created handwritten manuscripts in private collections, worked on drawing Middle Empire hieroglyphics for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has designed marks for some notable fashion brands.

He is also a scribe of the Crown Office, who drafts some of the Acts signed by the Queen and recently became a licensed designer for new calligraphy products made by Spellbinders Paper Arts.

Antonio is passionate about sharing his knowledge and leads many courses. In an effort to encourage more Caribbean people to learn calligraphy, Antonio offers free classes to 500 people through Zoom.

Antonio told Loop News he was inspired to offer the lessons after the response he received from Trinidadians for a project he was working on.

“I wrote a book on a very precise scenario of the 18the century and I invented a whole new methodology to approach scripting that simplifies it in an amazing way. We created a grid to show people why scripting is easier than it looks. When the book was published I sent the email to 8000 people, and when I sorted the list by country there were 10 Trinidadians on the list and I was so touched that I burst into tears. That was four years ago and since then more and more Trinidadians have contacted me to tell me that they are proud of my work and that one of us can achieve such an amazing position in the profession. I intended to come back and start something more regular than COVID has happened, ”he explained.

Realizing that he could extend the reach of his classes with Zoom, Antonio decided to open the classes to the region with the intention of creating a West Indian calligraphy association across the Caribbean and encouraging more handwritten communication.

“If all of these people are happy to come into contact with each other, they can begin to form the beginnings of a calligraphy society and they can create pen pals. Calligraphers do something like an envelope exchange where we send each other envelopes, ”he explained.

“You have calligraphy as a craft, then you have the understanding of calligraphic practice to generate good writing, which is the practice of handwriting. I remember learning to write carefully and precisely when I was young, I know that many Trinis my age and up have all learned to write, so why and how can we get people to write again ? ” He asked.

Growing up, Antonio fell in love with nature and the representation of nature and geography and it was from this love of writing on old maps and botanical and animal illustrations that his passion for western calligraphy.

In the UK, he studied Letter Form History in the Typography and Graphic Communication Department of the University of Reading in 1998. After receiving one of ten Commonwealth Foundation Art & Crafts Fellowships, he went to the Reigate School of Art and Design to study calligraphy. , Gilding and Heraldic Painting specializing in Historical Materials and Techniques He obtained the only Distinction of his year (2000).

Having always been interested in the history and development of writing, Antonio pursued studies in Arabic Calligraphy, English Paleography, and Archaeological Illustration at Birkbeck University in 2001.

Speaking to Loop from Portugal where he now lives, the 47-year-old said he didn’t know calligraphy would be a career, he was just obsessed with it.

It wasn’t until he took part in an art exhibition where he taught his craft that he understood his purpose.

He recalls: “I did this show which covered three hours divided into segments. This little boy stood there frozen. The next day he was back, he introduced himself and he said he came back because he wanted to see the letter that I had used to show how the letters changed in different time periods. His dad said he had severe ADD and they had never seen him so flabbergasted and at that point I realized and heard a voice so clearly say, now you know you don’t you are not you, you are the tool, you are the conduit to reach people. “

PAScribe calligraphy classes will take place on November 27 at 11 a.m.

You can reserve your free seat via the Eventbrite link which will go live on November 24 at 9:30 am.

Ssign up for the newsletter at www.PAScribe.com and complete the information sheet.

Connect with Paul Antonio via:

Website – www.PaulAntonioScribe.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/pascribe/?hl=fr

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