Reality check on the professional front for Aries, family drama for Libra, check out what to expect for your sign

Daily horoscope, December 10, 2021: This Friday, several signs will find themselves going through intense emotional experiences. For Gemini, this day will be devoted to addressing their personal insecurities, while Libra will find itself in a family drama. Aries will face a hard-hitting truth about their career, while Cancers will watch the gap between their dream job and their current one. Find out what your horoscope says:


Reality check on the career path

Prepare for career highlights to market yourself. You might end up seeing the current rift between your long-term trajectory and some self-sabotaging behaviors that stand in your way. It can inspire you to act with compassion, dedication and service in your next professional endeavors. Your luck will shine around in bright colors like crimson this Friday. The planet Mars rules your sign, the numbers 1, 8 and the letters A, L, E will be your guide.


Need for emotional renewal

Today, new revelations in personal and romantic areas of life will force you to make the necessary changes. You can also expect all the misconceptions and beliefs about long-standing relationships to be tangled in the crosshairs. For others, this day will involve a lot of reflection around a meaningful partnership.

The planet Venus is the ruler of your zodiac sign, so wear subtle colors like sangria for good luck. You will be guided by the numbers 2 and 7 and the letters B, V, U this Friday.


Face your insecurities

You will find yourself dealing with long-standing personal insecurities, especially when it comes to your love life. You have to remember that running away or ignoring the problem will not solve the problem. As uncomfortable as this situation can be, facing your fears is essential when it comes to forging close partnerships.

Colors like dark purple will be good for you because the planet Mercury rules your zodiac sign. The letters K, C and G, and the numbers 3, 6 will bring you luck this Friday.


Merge the gap between dream and reality

You will notice the gap between your current career path and the professional life you once dreamed of. It might be a little overwhelming for some of you. However, it is a wake-up call for you to take the step of faith and make this courageous change. Some of you will be unsure of the next steps in your current relationship.

It is advisable not to overthink it. The moon is your ruling planet, so wear a salmon color this Friday for luck. Alphabets like H, D and the number 4 will give you all the advice you need.

LION (JULY 23 – AUG 23)

Transforming work-life balance

You must make the bold decision to finally stand up for yourself and seek that healthy work-life balance. The scales have been tilted too far to one side for some time now. Now is not the time to dodge the truth that is staring you in the face.

For others, this day will highlight the gulf between your need for romantic fun and your desire for secure emotional engagement. Your lucky color this Friday will be golden, as the Sun rules your sign, while the alphabets M, T and number 5 will support you in your efforts.


Go with the flow

Let go of your logical approach to things today and lose control. Let the universe take over because you have done your job and now is the time to relax. The gap between your family demands and your partnership needs might become obvious. Today, you may also feel the need for deep honesty and a change in your love life and creative aspirations.

Your lucky color for this Friday is coral because the planet Mercury rules your zodiac sign. Focus on the numbers 3,8 and the letters P, T and N for luck.


Incoming family or relationship drama

Prepare for intense drama revolving around your romantic life or family ties. Although you are always looking for peace, it may be difficult today for you not to lose patience. However, do not follow your usual diplomatic path and express your feelings honestly. Your zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus, so wear the color of mangano calcite and choose the numbers 2,7 and the letters R, T to support you in your future plans.


Purify the air around personal drama

You may need to resolve a misunderstanding right now before it escalates into a problem that is far from reality. Bend down and face the music to clear the air and recognize the latent frustrations lurking around your romantic relationships. For others, Friday will highlight the gulf between your raw talents and your confidence in sharing skills with others.

Your zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mars which is in transit, so wearing the color purple will be lucky for you. The numbers 1, 8, and the letters N and Y will give you support.


Face your fears

Your own demons will come to you this Friday, so be prepared and don’t try to indulge in the same old grueling escape methods. Flaws in your self-confidence that date back to early injuries will be brought to light today. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes along and embrace the changes in your workflow and finances.

The struggle between your independent needs and family demands will occur. Your zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter, so your lucky color this Friday is jade green. For Friday, the letters B, D and P and the numbers 9, 12 will bring you luck.


Meet your need for independence

Today, you need to tackle the outdated patterns and behaviors surrounding your independence in romantic relationships. There may be major changes coming to you. There is an emotional storm brewing within you as it guides you directly to what needs to be changed and released.

There are important changes to be made to your mental health and your communication style. Your lucky color for the day is cinnamon brown because the planet Saturn rules your zodiac sign, while the numbers 10, 11 and the letters K, J will bring you good fortune.


Incoming emotional challenges

Behind closed doors, away from the toxic positivity of social media, intense emotional challenges await. Give yourself space to deal with whatever needs to happen. Self-destructive relationship patterns are in desperate need of a release today. Choose the color cinnamon red since Saturn rules your zodiac sign. The numbers 10, 11 and the letters G and S will bring you luck this Friday.


Changes to be made in social life

Today you will make some significant changes that need to be made to your social life and how you approach your aspirations today. There are changes to be made between the demands of your public life and your personal needs. Some of you may feel inspired by the transition to a greater sense of identity and personal presentation today.

Your zodiac sign Pisces ruled by the planet Neptune and the honeysuckle pink color will suit you. Go for the numbers 9, 12 and the letters D, C, J and T will be your guide on Friday.

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