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Last time on The Stuff of Legends, we explored the worst Mass Effect liaison novel, Mass effect: deception. There were inconsistencies in lore, weird narrative decisions and barely managed to tie into the bigger story. Reading Deception does not bring you closer to his world. The comic in four numbers Mass Effect: Redemption, on the other hand, is arguably the strongest franchise bond. It offers an interesting storytelling that knows how to build a universe.

Redemption is not only the key to understanding the greater history of Mass Effect, especially the second entry, but also Mass Effect 2: Dark Broker’s Lair, one of the best-received DLC expansions in BioWare history. If you don’t read it, it’s not impossible to follow the plot of the DLC, but it’s all the less emotionally engaging. If you don’t read the comics or play the DLC, Mass effect 3 pivots to take this into account. You are free to engage with Mass Effect whatever level you are most interested in, with a reward for those who dig deeper. Also, by chance you didn’t play Mass effect 2 again, Redemption serves as an introduction to one of the game’s main new locations – Omega’s sprawling criminal underworld station.

How did they do it? Coordination. Like the Normandy SR-2, everyone had a role to play and knew what to do. Although John Jackson Miller was brought back due to his work on the Knights of the Old Republic comics, its role was to adapt Mass effect 2Mac Walters’ co-narrative leads the Mac Walters story to a comedic storyline. The art would be primarily directed by Omar Francia, the cover by Daryl Mandryk, the coloring by Michael Atiyeh and the letters by Michael Heisler. With a direct link to the core development team, any adjustments to Mass effect 2 could be easily taken into account.

Mass Effect: Redemption was also in the cards well in advance. Walters explained in an interview with IGN, “The idea is that we’re both developing characters that we haven’t really explored in Mass Effect 1, and we’re also looking for opportunities to develop them even more in the DLC.” Redemption would be the first step in this initiative.

It all pays off brilliantly thanks to Redemption go for a boldly different approach Mass Effect. Where the original game was sort of R-rated Star Trek return piece, Redemption goes a decade later, drawing direct inspiration from the tastes of Blade runner and Ghost in the shell, both in aesthetics and in tone. Liara’s journey to protect Shepard after the opening events of Mass effect 2 is heartbreaking, forcing her to grow considerably from the humble scientist like Spock that she was to the badass biotic information broker that we find her as in the sequel. His character arc here is meaningful, filling the void for Shepard without feeling forced.

This story also introduces many other races and factions. Aria T’Loak and her Criminal Empire are a dominant force on Omega, so it makes sense that they are directly related. The involvement of collectors is subtle at first, only hinting at their real threat to the galaxy. The Shadow Broker was already established as a key player, but now we really get a glimpse into his operation as Liara takes on the mystery man.

Mass Effect: Redemption also highlights the new key figure Feron. A drell information trader, Feron is at times both an ally and a hindrance to Liara before becoming her greatest asset at the climax of history. contrary to Mass effect 2He’s Thane, he’s not austere and introspective, but a troubled joker with a heart in the right place. It is not surprising that Shadow Broker’s Lair contains lines which imply that Liara was taken a bit by the guy, despite their early difficulties working together in Redemption.

Mass Effect: Redemption BioWare Comic Book Miniseries Ties To Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC in Mass Effect 2

This is the real trick for Redemption. Liara and Feron’s mutual war with the Shadow Broker isn’t over when the comic ends, but it still has a solid finale. Shepard’s body falls into Cerberus’ hands, revealing their role in it all and why Liara is hardly surprised to see you with them when you meet her again in Mass effect 2. Collectors have been thwarted for now, but it’s obvious they and the Shadow Broker pose a far greater threat than the Geth on their worst day. The stage is set for two more tales in the saga, as the intriguing mystery and subterfuge satisfactorily end for Mass Effect: Redemption.

It’s tight, well paced, and legitimately adds to the story. Plus, the cover art is gorgeous, brilliantly capturing the energy of each issue. Meanwhile, the only flaw in the inner artistry – Liara’s generously flexed spine – is the coloring. The world is made eerily flat in the first two issues, with more cartoonish undertones undermining a bit of life in the pages, despite the entire series shading and paneling gracefully leaping from film noir to a chase through asteroids at the drop a hat. Fortunately, the coloring improves in the last two issues, and the fact that this was the biggest complaint is a testament to how well the rest of the project was executed.

That you explore Mass Effect for the first time or revisiting the trilogy for the zillionth, if you haven’t delved into the expanded fiction, Redemption is a great place to start. It goes wonderfully with its raw material, intensifies the Ghost broker The stakes of the DLC and gives Liara, the fan favorite, a lead role. What more could you need?

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