Review: NOTTINGHAM #6 – Of Alliances and Betrayals

Nottingham #6 reboots a Mad Cave Studios title on April 6, 2022 which is now available in comic book stores for pre-order.

Nottingham Fund

In late 12th century England, the grizzled veteran of the Crusades, Sheriff Blackthorne of Nottingham, tries to help whoever he can. As the Merry Men steal the people’s taxes, Blackthorne tries to track down their leader Robin Hood. Who, despite his loyalty to King Richard, is more than willing to betray allies like Lady Marian.

Nottingham #6 Layers of plot

David Hazan is taking an interesting new direction from Nottingham last volume. With a cast of characters who could turn around at any time, readers are glued to the page. Political and ideological tensions are felt throughout the pages as each intrigues to gain the upper hand. With Blackthorne and Robin working together, readers can’t help but wonder who will emerge victorious.Nottingham #6 initial conflict

It’s getting darker

Shane Connery Volk continues a gritty aesthetic to match Nottingham’s dark atmosphere. The facial features and body language look especially dark from the angles from which the characters present themselves. It’s as if a person is always trying to assert his dominance. The Luca Romano coloring really helps in these circumstances, especially with the shading. Blackthorne’s dark coloring looks fearsome but not overbearing, unlike his haughty opponents.Nottingham #6 art in action

But despite all these benefits, there are a few quirks that seem odd. Take for example the swaying of Marian’s hips in what’s supposed to be a serious announcement, or the background of a billboard suddenly going black in a bright room. These can take the readers out of the captivating story.

Justin Birch’s lettering remains eye-catching by reflecting the moods of the moment. Some panels are so full of word bubbles that the words can feel heavy. Other times the SFX emphasize how small actions can make a difference, like how a kick can take down a deadly attacker.

Where are you located Nottingham #6?

Nottingham #6 brings readers back into a gripping story about tenuous alliances. With different teams trying to dominate each other, it will be interesting to see who wins. Nottingham #6 was released from Mad Cave Studios on April 6.

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