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Rihanna’s ankle tattoos


Rihanna’s ankle tattoos

… The tattoo in question was on his left foot at the bottom of his shin and depicted a camouflaged shark, inked by celebrity favorite Bang Bang NYC in 2016. The photo above shows that it has now been replaced with an intricate design .

According to E! New, that’s important because the shark was a matching tattoo Rihanna had with her rumored former friend / collaborator / boyfriend Drake at the time. The rapper has the shark tattooed on the inside of his right forearm.


Rihanna’s ankle tattoos

On Rihanna’s right ankle, she has a tattoo of a bird – believed to be a hawk – with outstretched wings.


Rihanna Ankle Tattoos

Rihanna also has the year 1988 inked in block letters on the front of her right foot, which happens to be the Grammy-winning singer’s birth year.


Rihanna’s heel tattoo

On the back of her right leg, Rihanna has a skull that has been given a feminine touch with a red bow.


Rihanna’s hand tattoos

Rihanna’s hands are among the most decorated parts of her body. Her right hand in particular has detailed henna-inspired inking running from the wrist to the bottom of her fingers, which unsurprisingly was the work of Bang Bang.

The artist said E! in 2013 he spent five hours on the design, explaining, “The inspiration was the art of henna, we wanted something really decorative, feminine and sexy. We thought it was the closest style where we could change it up and give it a decorative look.


Rihanna’s hand tattoos

Rihanna has added to her hand tattoos over the years. In 2009, before Bang Bang got down to business, she had this imprint around her thumb. Then, in 2013, while touring New Zealand, she had a traditional Maori tribal print tattooed using a mallet, ink pigment and chisel.


Rihanna’s hand tattoos

Before the henna tattoo, Riri also had ‘Sssh’ inked on his index finger. Considering the forefinger is the one you put on your lips when telling people to shut up – we see what she did there.


Rihanna’s hand tattoos

On her left hand, Rihanna has the word “love” inscribed on her middle finger.


Rihanna’s rib cage tattoo

One of Rihanna’s best-known tattoos is the prominent Egyptian goddess Isis tattoo inked on her rib cage. The beautifully detailed work was completed in 2012 and a tribute to the singer’s late grandmother, Dolly, whom she was extremely close to.

“Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations,” the singer wrote on Instagram at the time, according to the Hollywood reporter.


Rihanna’s rib cage tattoo

The tattoo spreads over her body and in this photo Isis can be seen in more detail.


Rihanna Hip Tattoo – Phrase

Bang Bang tattoo artist revealed in a 2018 ELLE United Kingdom interview that the first ink he gave Rihanna was a Sanskrit quote she inked on her hip when she was 18.


Rihanna’s chest tattoos

On the right side of her body, Rihanna has a gun tattoo. In an interview with this magazine in 2013, she explained, “Everyone wanted to know what was going on in my life.” Is she addicted to drugs? No. Is she an alcoholic? No. Is she a victim? No. “That’s why I have the gun. It was a symbol of strength. I’ll never be a victim.


Rihanna’s chest tattoos

The singer also has a phrase in Arabic which roughly translates to “Freedom in God”.


Rihanna’s chest tattoos

With a penchant for ancient Egyptian artwork, Rihanna has a portrait of Queen Nefertiti – who was a pharaoh’s royal wife – on her torso above Arabic script.


Rihanna Shoulder Tattoo – Roman Numerals

On her left shoulder, Rihanna has the date of her best friend Melissa’s birthday in Roman numerals. In a 2011 appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, The singer revealed that Melissa repaid her by having Rihanna’s date of birth written on her body.


Rihanna shoulder tattoo

On her right shoulder blade, Rihanna has the phrase “Never Fail, Always a Lesson,” which was mirrored so she could read it for herself. Speaking after getting a tattoo in 2009, she said Access Hollywood: “This is my motto for life … I did it backwards so I could read it to myself in the mirror.”

Rihanna also has a small Christian crucifix cross inked to the right of the writing.


Rihanna neck tattoos

In 2010, Rihanna had the French words “rebel flower” permanently inked on her neck, which translates to “rebel flower”.


Rihanna neck tattoos

From Rihanna’s neck to her torso is a collection of intricate little stars.


Rihanna’s ear tattoo

In her inner ear, Rihanna has a tattooed star shape.


Rihanna’s ear tattoo

Behind her right ear, Rihanna has her astrological symbol for Pieces tattooed.


Rihanna’s bottom tattoo

Rihanna has a phrase inked on her butt that would roughly translate to “lover” in Tibetan.

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