sandol Meta Lab launches “TYPY”, a global NFT project based on Korean fonts

Last year sandol Meta Lab has conducted research and development of advanced blockchain technologies such as the separation and combination of NFT and the active “Dapp” (decentralized application) with Hanguel as its theme. On this basis, the first NFT project KIND was released, challenging the global NFT market.

The basic ideas of TYPY are that the owner of Hangul consonants and vowels purchased through typing or trading can create Hangul words through various combinations and create an NFT. The company plans to stage the first strike on April 25.

Through the process of separating and combining NFTs, it will be possible to create new valuable NFTs. Special benefits will be provided with each successful combination of specific words.

The Core Value and Competitiveness of TYPY are to promote Hangeul, teach the principle of word formation through the combination of consonants and vowels, and bring value and enjoyment to owners.

Currently, there are 350 leaked words with benefits, most of which are blockchain-related Korean words, however KIND should continuously introduce words related to Korean history and entertainment in the future.

Moreover, sandol MetaLab plans to expand a wide range of NFT businesses using various content, starting withKIND“, and actively seeks ways to create synergy in the blockchain industry.

CEO Sung Min Cho said, “I think it’s very significant in that it’s the first NFT project introduced by a company with the police as its identity. Based on NFT separation and combination technology, which is rare in Korea, when the scientific principles of Hangeul can be taught to people around the world, we can expect to be able to take the lead as a global evangelist of Hangeul culture.

SOURCE sanddoll MetaLab

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