Sean O’Malley targets Rob Font for next UFC fight

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“Suga” Sean O’Malley delivered one of the most ruthless performances in UFC history this weekend. He landed more than 200 shots against Kris Moutinho over three rounds, dominating the fight and securing another victory for the rising bantamweight record.

O’Malley is a hungry, rising fighter, constantly looking for his next challenge, and he believes it will be former bantamweight champion Rob Font.

Sean O’Malley targets Rob Font for next fight

In a post-fight interview, he discussed his next move in the division and his trajectory for the future. “I’m definitely not getting Petr. He fights Aljo. I’m definitely not getting Cody. It goes down to 25.

I don’t think Dominick will accept this fight. i think rob [Font] will take it. He continued, “I don’t really see why not. He beats me, he gets a title shot. This is just how this game works.

I’m the biggest bantamweight draw right now. But if I don’t understand, I don’t care. I have 10 years of combat. We will fight everyone. So I will probably fight towards the end of the year.

O’Malley’s appetite for competition is impressive and he’s one of the most exciting prospects in the bantamweight division. O’Malley is 6-1 in the UFC, with an overall record of 14-1. He is by far the biggest name outside of the top fifteen, and may be a bigger name than some fighters within it.

Rob Font, for his part, appears to be up for the challenge, previously recounting MMA Fight: “I would probably fight Sean O’Malley before fighting Dominick Cruz. He’s the guy who’s buzzing a bit right now.

He goes by that name and I can’t wait for him to fight. No one is sitting here dying to watch Dominick Cruz fight. But I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind watching a ‘Suga’ Sean fight.

I think he’s the biggest name if anything. There seems to be a mutual admiration between these two bantamweight, and a fight between them can represent a passing of the torch from one generation of fighters to the next.

Font has been a lifelong contender in the UFC bantamweight division, but with his recent victory over former champion Cody Garbrandt, he could still have his best years ahead of him. O’Malley, the young man, is aiming for the title and knows he has to beat some big names to get there.

If Font and O’Malley fight before 2021, how do you see the fight going? Will Font continue to fight for the bantamweight title, or will Sean O’Malley win and climb to the heights required for him to do the same? Let us know in the comments.

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