SHOCKED! Black cab fails license test for displaying incorrect policy on certificate of insurance

Image credit: smokey fojo (Twitter)

Taxi drivers have been SHOCKED after a black cab failed its annual vehicle inspection due to an insurance certificate displaying INCORRECT POLICE.

The taxi driver whose vehicle failed the test shared a snippet of the results calling the action “small”. The vehicle must now undergo a brand new inspection within 28 days to obtain a new 12 month taxi vehicle license.

Transport for London (TfL) charges a non-refundable application fee of £66 and a license fee of £44. Retests are offered free of charge within 28 days at one of TfL’s centres.

All black cabs must display a valid certificate of insurance in the approved position while meeting current rental insurance and taxi reward requirements.

According to the Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle License Inspection Manual, several checks are carried out in terms of taxi insurance. These include:

  • Current hire and reward insurance, vehicle insurance certificate, cover note or bond certificate has been presented for inspection

  • No changes have been made to the document

  • If applicable, the VRM matches all other documents

  • The certificate of insurance, the note of cover or the bond certificate is up to date

  • The certificate of insurance, the note of cover or the certificate of guarantee is signed in the name of the insurer

  • The certificate/covering note or certificate of obligation is an original document

  • The bond certificate or group insurance certificate is in the name of the registered holder.

  • The insurance annex document lists all VRMs covered by the block insurance.

  • Insurance details are displayed in authorized position in clear view.

  • The insurance details displayed do not obscure the driver’s or passenger’s vision from the vehicle or interfere with vehicle safety systems (such as airbags)

  • The insurance details shown are not handwritten.

People on social media called the failure “pathetic” and “truly unbelievable”.

Image credit: smokeyfojo (Twitter)

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