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Oliver Dowden says constantly flapping the union flag will act as “a proud reminder of our history and the ties that bind us together” (government buildings to fly a union jack continuously under new rules, March 24) . It is more likely to be reminiscent of the culture war that divides us – a war started by its own government.
Michael woodgate

It would appear that this government of scoundrels has now officially reached its last refuge. It didn’t take long.
Sue durham

Correspondents, for several years Quakers have been writing to men and women in prison (“Letter Tells Someone They Still Matter”: Correspondent’s Sudden and Surprising Return, March 23). Like Liz Maguire, we write letters to strangers. The bond and the communication that it gives to both parties is really worth it, especially since outside we understand a little better what it means to be incarcerated today.
Christine hayes
Wokingham, Berkshire

The other way to make passwords more difficult (Letters, March 23) is to not fill in the grid, but to do everything in your head. It also works with quick crossword puzzles, with the added benefit of leaving it blank for my wife to do later. No, however, recommended for a cryptic enigmatist.
Paul johns
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire

Who is right? Miles Brignall with his “less bad option” (Consumer champions, March 22)? Or Chris Maslanka with his “less bad option” (Pyrgic puzzles, March 20)? For all of us pedants, I think we have to tell us which is the best option.
Neil petrie

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