“Skyrim” health guide: how to cure poison, brain rot and other diseases

Since “Skyrim” is an open world, a lot can happen without warning. Monsters can hit you, curse you, and poison you with debuffs. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to cure “Skyrim” diseases. Best of all, some of these solutions are completely free!

Have you ever tried playing “Skyrim” and a random NPC stops to say “you look a little sickly?” Is your character moving slowly in the sun? Have you suddenly lost your mess? All of these events are side effects of “Skyrim” diseases and poisons.

There are many “Skyrim” diseases or poisons, and each one has its own unique effects and remedies. Keep in mind that these debuffs are present regardless of which stream of “Skyrim” you are playing at the moment.

List of ‘Skyrim’ diseases

The player has listed all the diseases available in “Skyrim”. Most of them come from traps and animals. Some are “conditions” received from unique enemies. The list also included specific causes in the game.

  • Bone Break Fever: Traps and Bears
  • Brain rot: traps and Hargravens
  • Ataxia: traps, Frostbit spiders, skeevers and slaughterhouses
  • Droops: Ash Happer
  • Lycanthropy: Companion Quest Line
  • Bane of the Black Heart: Dragonborn Expansion
  • Sanguinare Vampiris: Vampires and Dawnguard questline
  • Rockjoint: Traps, Wolves, Foxes, Horkers and Bears
  • Rattles: Traps and Chaurus
  • Witbane: traps and saber cat

Keep in mind that your character can suffer from multiple illnesses at the same time. Since each disease has its own debuff, your character will become much weaker with each affliction.

To check if your character has an illness, open the “Magic” tab and click “Active Effects”. The disease will be displayed in red letters with its full description.

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‘Skyrim’ Guide: How to Cure Poison

There are many ways to cure disease and poison on “Skyrim”. Some ailments, like Saguinare Vampiris, have special healing methods. However, the advice discussed in this guide is much more generic and should apply to all debuff statuses.

The first method is to use the poison healing potion. You can get it by purchasing it from Apothecary Merchants. You can also steal it from NPCs Elgrim (Riften), Nura Snow-Shod (Riften), Mjoll the lioness (Bee and Barb Inn), Silver Hand (Gallow’s Rock Fort), and Vigilants of Stendarr (Stendarr’s Beacon). If your alchemy skill is high enough, you can try crafting the potion instead.

The second method is much faster and completely free. You can try to visit one of the shrines in “Skyrim”. It means entering the temple and clicking on the shrine stone.

In addition to healing any poison or disease, your character will also receive a blessing buff. Gameskinny listed the 14 shrines you should visit.

  • Akatosh Shrine
  • Arkay Shrine
  • Sanctuary of Dibella
  • Sanctuary of Julianos
  • Kynareth Shrine
  • Sanctuary of Mara
  • Stendarr shrine
  • Talos Shrine
  • Zenithar shrine
  • Sanctuary of Azura
  • Shrine of Boethia
  • Mephala Sanctuary
  • Nocturne Sanctuary
  • Sanctuary of Auriel

The more you play “Skyrim”, the more poisons and diseases you will surely encounter. However, at least now you know how to fix it.

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