Spider-Man’s black suit is powered by magic

As speculation rages on after the latest trailer for No Way Home, one scene in particular shows a Spider-Man costume that hints at magical endowments.

The final trailer of Spider-Man: No Path Home was released, and while there was no sign of Tobey Maguire or Adam Garfield to sort out the tectonic rumbles that have shifted fan expectations in recent months, there were strong indications of insanity multiversal to fight that supports a bit of source material speculation.

Doctor Strange and Peter Parker seemingly summon powerful reality-distorting magic in the most reckless and irresponsible way possible, and existence turns in on itself as a result of interdimensional intruders settling into the sacred timeline. And as Strange and Spider-Man attempt to fight off the cosmic villains they’ve unleashed, as well as against each other, one scene shows a black Spider-Man suit that may draw inspiration from a specific example of the Marvel Comics tradition where Peter becomes the sorcerer The Apprentice of Supreme.

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Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The ebony-clad Spider-Man stands in a field under a night sky framed by trees and Electro hovering like a exhausted man-shaped star, feeding on tentacles of electric current siphoned off by strained power lines. Spider-Man has his right arm raised to his chest with orange-gold energy encircling his forearm, which is covered in some sort of armband with what appear to be shoulder cords attached to it in a way. or another. The costume itself also appears to be etched into some sort of runic script, making it look like it’s intended as a conduit for Eldritch Magic.

The suit setup suggests that it’s not just Doctor Strange’s mysterious calligraphy at work, as the rear shoulder cords involve a power source, secured with tape, which can allow the magic imbued with playing its part in one way or another. In this scenario, the costume can be a collaborative effort between Peter’s scientific acumen and Strange’s expertise in the mystical arts, cobbled together in an effort to avoid the planar havoc they unintentionally unleashed. Its design may have been intended to grant Peter some mystical tusks in addition to his already impressive suite of arachnid powers, especially since this has precedent in the pages of established interactions between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. .

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Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality is a limited series written by Peter David and drawn by Greg Land where Hobgoblin steals a book of spells known as the Word of God and uses it to trigger an alternate reality in which he is the apprentice of the new Sorcerer Supreme, Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange is a disgraced homeless surgeon. Strange explains to Peter what happened, including how he lost his powers, except for a few magical items he was able to escape with when he was kicked out of his sanctuary. It offers Peter the opportunity to learn rudimentary abjurations, to protect himself in battle against Mordo and Hobgoblin, inside Kamar-Taj, where a year of training would be just one week in the waking world.

In the comics, Peter is also able to mimic the mirror image spell that Doctor Strange uses to such an impressive but futile effect in the fight against Thanos, and if the speculation about the Rune Black Suit is true, he can. use other signature moves from the Sorcerer Supreme’s repertoire, such as Captain America’s use of Thor’s hammer in Avengers: Endgame. Instead of training in Kamar-Taj, the two heroes may be devising a workaround that grants Peter access to abilities that would otherwise be beyond him.

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Spider Man Symbiote Alien Reality Using Mystic Shield

Since the first trailer for No way home has been released, there have been a lot of comparisons to the images released and two more Spider-Man comic book arcs. One of them was called “One More Day”, where Peter goes to Doctor Strange to help him rewrite the past so that his identity is a secret again and to prevent his Aunt May from getting shot. on it, only for Strange to refuse to get involved. A disguised Mephisto, the Marvel Comics analogue to Lucifer, takes the opportunity to make a pact with Peter in exchange for the disillusionment of his marriage. This leads to a debate over whether Strange casts the spell in the new movie, or if it may be an MCU version of Mephisto, possibly one with a dimensional aspect, which will threaten his relationship with MJ.

The other source in question is “Happy Birthday,” which sees Peter accidentally altering a spell Doctor Strange tries to cast while facing an extra-dimensional threat, something Strange accuses Peter of in the latest trailer. Peter then tumbles back in time and faces off against most of the Sinister Six, such as Sandman, Electro, the Green Goblin, the Vulture, and Mysterio.

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The plot of Spider-Man: No Path Home has undergone significant changes since its inception due to meta-concerns about other Marvel Cinematic Universe properties and delays that can lead to a confusing cinematic experience where threads lead nowhere and creative madness becomes nonsense incoherent. The MCU is often tasked with finding a way to squeeze decades of cannon into hours of movie time, and this may be the latest example of threading that needle. The Extraterrestrial reality arc was released in 2019, so it may have been written entirely as a bridge piece for the upcoming film in the same way that the members of the Eternals were recast in the comics to match the film’s cast before its release.

With the announcement of Spider-Man: freshman year, which will feature an even younger version of Spider-Man than the current version of Tom Holland’s role, the possibility of a reset switch similar to “One More Day” isn’t entirely implausible. The Rune Black Suit can help Peter accomplish this, especially since the gesture he makes in the trailer is most closely associated with Strange’s ways when handling the Time Stone. The post-blip world bears the scars of all the sacrifices made to bring humanity to this point, and Peter has given his life once in this fight, but he may be called upon to rely on powers he really doesn’t understand and faces a whole new set of potential consequences as a result.

To see how Peter Park handles magic, Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17th.

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