“Start hiring a crowd service for the holidays,” laughs Fawad of Fazl

Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry said on Monday that Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman should launch a “crowd rental” service for parties policies, his “political career being completely over”.

“Maulana Sahab is nothing more than chala hua kartoos [fired cartridge]He said at a press conference while blaming Fazl for bringing students from different seminars to a public meeting of the all-party opposition alliance – the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM ) – in Faisalabad.

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The minister said Fazlur Rehman, who is also the leader of the PDM, had been used to clutter up political rallies in the past and now has no significance in the political arena.

The JUI-F leader just wanted to be politically relevant by making non-serious statements, Fawad said in response to a question.

“The nation has not taken seriously those who always indulge in political gadgets,” he said, referring to undue criticism of the government by senior leaders of the Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N ), including Ahsan Iqbal and Shehbaz Sharif.

The opposition had no choice but to cry foul all the time, he said while highlighting their constant practice of seeking excuses to protest the government.

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He said the prices of various commodities, including wheat flour, had been lowered, while a visible reduction in the price of sugar is also expected due to the bumper crop of sugar cane.

“The price of flour was only high in Sindh due to the delay of the provincial government for its release,” he said, adding that as of today, the Sindh government had started to release the merchandise and it is hoped that its prices will drop. soon in the provinces.

“We don’t live on another planet. If the price of [crude] oil will increase in the world, it will also increase in Pakistan and if there is a drop in its prices [globally]It will be the same in Pakistan, ”he stressed.

The minister also called on opposition leaders to come forward and discuss with the government if they have a valid solution to the problem of rising global oil prices.

He regretted that the opposition boycotted the work of the National Assembly today, knowing that the day was devoted to speeches on Seeratun Nabi. “There should be limits for everything and you don’t have to be political in everything.”

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He said the opposition is still looking for an excuse to protest [against the government]. They think there are differences between the government and the security institutions, but now their euphoria is gradually fading, he added.

He said the opposition was always talking about democratic credentials, but had no such thing in their account rather than still looking for a deal to escape accountability.

Fawad said opposition leaders quickly got ready with their resumes to jump on the bandwagon once they assumed there were differences between government and state institutions. But, when they learned that they would get no relief in their corruption cases from the government, their guns suddenly turned to state institutions.

Basically, the opposition, he said, is not only devoid of political thought, but also lacks administrative and economic policies. “The opposition could not come to power by criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan from the start, they should instead do some soul-searching and revise their policies.”

He again called on the opposition to work with the government to bring about reforms, including electoral reforms. The minister ruled out the possibility of having a discussion with the opposition on their corruption cases.

To a question, he said that there are many commodities, including wheat and electricity, for which a subsidy is granted. “The whole country cannot function on subsidies. “

“The debt worth $ 12 billion should be repaid this year and the opposition should be asked if it had not taken out such a huge amount of loans, several elements could have been subsidized,” he said. -he adds.

Previously, he had opened a three-day calligraphy exhibition by artist Wasil Shahid. The exhibition will end on Wednesday.

Fawad said the art of calligraphy was primarily associated with Muslims and Islam.

It is the month of Rabiul Awwal and the government has already declared the current Ashra on behalf of Rehmatul-lil Alameen (PBUH) and Prime Minister Imran will address the largest conference in this regard on Tuesday.

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