Tangled in Attack on Bob Dylan’s Biographer | Bob dylan

May I share Howard Sounes’ disappointment with Clinton Heylin’s new Bob Dylan biography (report, April 19). Like him, I was brutalized by Heylin, in my case for writing “a pseudo-historical work”, which seems to have taken advice from Donald Trump. Heylin appears to have been the first reporter to gain access to Bob Dylan’s archives in Tulsa, and he doesn’t seem to appreciate that his book potentially has the USP to overtake them all. Instead, he attacked a host of other writers. I note that “Heylin declined to comment” on your post, but a man with such a big ego won’t let him lie.
Spencer leigh

The extraordinary response from fans, politicians and commentators to the European Super League plan is impressive (European Super League collapses as all six English clubs withdraw, April 21). Having defeated capitalism, could they now put all this energy into the fight against racism, homophobia and misogyny?
Ruth eversley
Paulton, Somerset

The Super League forgot to hire a former Tory minister as a lobbyist. Next time he will be prepared.
Gary Yershon

An academic department called the Center for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London (Opinion, April 20)? In my day, this research was conducted in a back room of the student union.
Albert Beale

We “receive” the Guardian (Letters, April 20). It is delivered to the front door.
William kirkland
Pierre, Staffordshire

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