The 10 Most Creative Opening Credits in Movies, Ranked

For most films, the opening credits only go through the movements; they’re just something that needs to happen at first, and they’re usually hooked up to a bunch of shots or just thrown on a black and white screen.

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However, some filmmakers like to get creative with them, molding the names of actors and crews around flashy edits, atmospheric stills, or jokes that are just plain fun like anything in the movie itself. Many of these opening credits have become iconic, but some are still largely overlooked due to the fact that they are foreign language films, even though they are just as creative as the more well-known intros.

ten Run Lola Run (1998)

Opening Credits Run Lola Run

The people who worked on Running Lola Run could be too much creative, because there are so many different ideas thrown in one opening sequence. The movie portrays Lola in three alternate realities as she has 20 minutes to collect money to save her boyfriend’s life in each of them, and there are so many surreal images in the opening titles.

There are so many different art styles in the sequence, from the animated clay-like clock and time-lapse imagery of passers-by, to Lola walking through a dreamy hallway while hitting the credit titles. It gets the viewers adrenaline pumping and prepares them for the short but sweet German language film.

9 The Naked Gun (1988)

Opening credits of The Naked Gun

All of the best comedy movies use every shot, and that’s exactly what The naked gun does, and it arguably does it better than any other comedy. There are a lot of different visual jokes in one scene, but what’s most iconic about the movie is its opening credits.

With a camera mounted on the roof of a police car right behind a sliding police siren, the audience is taken on a journey to wild places. The car loses control, heads for the sidewalk, then a car wash, then inside a mansion, and even on a roller coaster. It’s just ridiculous, but still hilarious, and while a remake has been in development for years, we can’t imagine this sequence any other way.

8 Raging Bull (1980)

Angry bull has perhaps the most classic opening credits scenes in movie history. The incredible classic song “Intermezzo” by Pietro Mascagni, the black and white cinematography and the presence of Robert De Niro amount to one of the most breathtaking shots ever made.

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The intro shows Jake (De Niro) training in the corner of the ring as the title appears in blood red font, and it foreshadows the entire movie, as the biggest fight he’s had is with himself. . The black and white makes it look so crisp, which is ironic considering the film wasn’t always going to be black and white, but this decision was made so that the film could stand out from the crowd. Rocky.

7 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

The girl with the generic opening dragon tattoo

David Fincher is the king of gothic cinema, and he peaked with the dark and mentally exhausting crime thriller The girl with the dragon tattoo. In the opening sequence, an exhilarating cover of Karen O’s Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song” features absurd visuals of a girl made up and drowned in a mysterious metallic-looking liquid. Violence, technology, and sex all come into play during the cacophonous streak, which are all themes of the film, and it captures the tone of the film perfectly.

6 Fargo (1996)

Fargo Opening Credits

As Angry bull, the sequence of opening credits in Fargo is more atmospheric than anything, and it really gives the audience a sense of seclusion in the city of Fargo with its snowstorms, given that it’s a brutal winter movie.

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At first it looks like a blank white screen with black credits, that is, until the headlights of a car in the distance shine on snowy roads. The haunting violin-led score only adds to the strength of the three-minute still shot.

5 Dr Strangelove (1964)

Dr Strangelove opening credits

The opening credits of Dr Strangelove were edited together by Pablo Ferro, and it bears his handwritten signature. This may sound familiar to viewers, as calligraphy has been requested by so many other filmmakers and has featured in many other films since, including Stop making sense and American heart. Not only that, but the lettering appears in front of a refueled B-52, which was apparently chosen because of the way it sounds strangely sexual.

4 Enter the Void (2009)

Enter the opening credits of Void

Few people have seen Step into the void, the experimental foreign-language film by controversial director Gasper Noe, but it features special effects from the guys who worked on The matrix and takes place in a Tokyo bathed in neon lights. And the jarring opening credits set the scene perfectly.

The opening sequence is like an adrenaline rush, as the names of the cast, production crew, and production companies pass in milliseconds, and colors and fonts change just as quickly. It’s a show, and when LFO’s intense techno track “Freak” turns halfway, it prepares viewers for a hallucinogenic, dreamlike journey of a movie.

3 Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Catch Me If You Can minimalist animation featuring the chase between Abagnale and the FBI agent

Being one of the best cat and mouse movies ever made, the opening of Catch Me If You Can play almost the entire movie in minutes with stick figures. The art style is wonderful, as the colors change to match the globetrotter backdrops seen in the movie, and, paired with one of John Williams’ most underrated scores, which is almost jazzy, it’s a work of art.

The style should even be a movie itself, and even Spielberg himself must have liked it, as he replicated the opening titles in The Adventures of Tintin nine years later.

2 Deadpool (2016)

Be as fourth breaking the wall as dead Pool is that the credits say it as it is. Instead of saying “with Ryan Reynolds” he says “with the perfect idiot of God”, and it’s apparently written by “the real heroes”, which has surely received applause from all the writers who have seen it. for the first time, as they notoriously don’t. get the credit they deserve. The joke was continued in the second movie, and with Deadpool 3 finally in development, it’ll likely be done again.

1 Do the Right Thing (1989)


Do the right thing was Spike Lee’s escape movie for many reasons. It had a strong message, fun characters, and a vibrant color scheme, and the opening credit streak sets the mood perfectly. It almost sounds like a fan-made music video of Rosie Perez being shot dancing to Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” in front of different sets in New York City. The song and the dance are in front of you, and that’s part of what makes it the best Spike Lee movie.

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