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Sick women: misdiagnosis and myth in a man-made world by Elinor Cleghorn

Elinor Cleghorn became a sick woman ten years ago. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease after a long period of time where she was told her symptoms ranged from psychosomatic to possible pregnancy. As Elinor learned to live with her unpredictable illness, she turned to history for answers and discovered a haunting legacy of suffering, mystification, and misdiagnosis.

In Sick women, Elinor Cleghorn traces the almost unbelievable story of how medicine failed women by treating their bodies like alien and the like, often with perilous effect. The result is an authoritative and groundbreaking exploration of the relationship between women and medical practice, from the ‘wandering womb’ of ancient Greece to the rise of witch trials across Europe, and the dawn of the hysteria as a catch-all for hard-to-diagnose problems. disorders in early forays into autoimmunity and the changing understanding of hormones, menstruation, menopause and conditions like endometriosis.

Filled with character studies and case histories of women who suffered, challenged and rewrote medical orthodoxy – and the men who controlled their fates – this is a groundbreaking examination of the relationship between women, disease and medicine. With these case stories, Elinor pays tribute to the women who have suffered so that progress can be made and shows how unease has become normalized in society and culture, where women have long been distrusted as reliable narrators of their own. own body and their pain. But the time for real change is long overdue: the answers lie in the body, in the testimonies of sick women – and their lives depend on learning medicine through medicine.

Reasons to read it: It studies the history of how women were abused by the medical system, from the Greek philosophers of the 1950s lobotomies to the misdiagnoses of today. Despite the density of research involved, this is not a dry academic reading.

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