The day – It’s time to cut down all those dangerous dead trees

This tree has clearly been dead in the public grip for some time, “a Joshuatown Road tree tangled in a jurisdictional mess” (August 3). The tree has collapsed under its own weight and decay, but somehow it becomes the responsibility of the utilities? I do not agree, when in fact the elected representative of each city is charged by the statue of the state to appoint a guardian of the trees, and their responsibilities are to “have the care and the control of all. trees within the limits of any public thoroughfare ”.

So maybe there was some neglect on the part of the city before this tree collapsed. While driving around the area recently, I noticed a myriad of silhouettes of dead trees that suffered massive defoliation during a recent gypsy moth infestation. What remains carries heavy and dead limbs cantilevered on our roads. Collectively, there should be a public and private effort to remove these dead trees. They represent a risk if they fall on passing vehicles, risking injury and death.

Town fathers, forest rangers, public works officers and public safety officers should inspect these trees and collectively notify private owners, before it potentially becomes a problem of willful neglect and liability.

Dennis harlow


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