The hour of reckoning is coming

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To gain respectability in any field or in any business, it is essential that one adheres to the core principles

This will not only increase the status of one’s self and also earn confidence in the industry to the profession to which one is linked. Yet, such examples are scarce, and they’re growing with time. It is a sign of a massive catastrophe that is threatening our lives as well as everything we do in our work.

The media, who claim to be the fourth pillar government, have come under review for some time and for good reasons as well. This is mostly a major violation of the law when dealing with issues that require a highly professional approach. Unfortunately, personal opinions and dislikes can alter and demonize the content by creating an perspective or angle that ought to be avoided if the reporting was conducted in a manner that did not violate the strict rules of professional journalism.

The problem doesn’t end there. Often, the situations are created which aren’t in line with reality. They are fabricated stories that are designed to serve the goal of promoting a particular type of story or other that can be supported by one as well as the opposing. In the past one female journalist took part in the same manner in which she unleashed her terribly over-active imagination as she wrote an article. The various journalistic tools that include claims that were based on innuendo and other tools of the same kind were employed to execute the assassination of the first Lady, who is not a participant in the political arena. If the reporter was rush to establish the truth of her claims, she tried to cover herself in the cloak of her profession and even to pretend to be a woman journalist, too!

It’s not the first time that this particular journalist has been involved in this savage act. Should one look back at the programs and columns it has published throughout the years, it is possible to trace a last line of a shrewdly orchestrated campaign. It is almost always the case that the journalistic activities of the organization alone push an underlying message. It is not supported with facts, and the illusion generated by this creates false impressions about the target person.

In the situation she’s created, the burden is on her to provide solid evidence to back her outrageous claims in the column that she is reviewing. There is no journalist, anywhere in the world of democracy could escape such a scathing language that is designed to target particular individual. The journalist’s attempt to dress in journalistic clothes to conceal the crime is indecent. This kind of shady business is not acceptable, nor should be tolerated.

It is the duty of the journalists to ensure that they are held accountable

Unfortunately, some have joined in on the argument that this falls within the broad category of “journalism” and that individuals are not accountable. There’s nothing more annoying than crass conversation. Nobody is entitled to cause such harm, and no one should be allowed to walk off without having to answer to accusations that are made or implied.

Similar to what happened in the UK in the past, when a particular Reham Khan had made unsubstantiated accusations against Zulfi Bokhari. After being brought to justice the result was that she not only ended having to pay a huge fine, but she also was required to apologize publicly for the individual she claimed was guilty of having committed a crime. Why shouldn’t Pakistanis journalists, whether or not accountable for fabricated and false allegations? Why can’t the community of journalists not take steps to ensure that this disrespect for journalists is punished that will not only stop this harmful practice to come back in the near future but boost the credibility and credibility of journalism?

I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case since there are too many journalists involved in this illegal trade and their unions are required to defend their acts instead of exposing them. However it’s also true that this deplorable practice can’t be allowed to go on unchecked because it causes harm to too many people , by creating false and fabricated tales about their victims. The law has to follow its course and be made more stringent and efficient so that those who violate their professional boundaries are penalized for their actions. They should not be permitted to continue to search for the victims they have targeted. Laws should ensure justice for the victimand and not exonerate the criminal.

I would strongly suggest to use this as an exercise to help readers to rectify the gray areas. It’s not likely that when someone else does something wrong, they are not punished, however, when the “journalist” does the same error, he is allowed to cover their tracks from the scrutiny of their job. If a journalist is female, she should not overlook that the person she accused of committing the crime without any evidence is female. She shouldn’t be able escape this moment. She’s engaged in this behavior far frequently in her past. This practice must stop. It is time to end.

Journalism is a crucial profession in the United States in an ever-changing society that requires optimism and professionalism. If he’s taken as a hostage from the woman who is the writer of the article and is unable to escape, he will decline, something was the case over time. This makes the task of correcting all the more crucial. The first step is to ensure that this degeneration process must be stopped by naming and shaming those responsible for it thus, a list must bear the name of the reporter in big letters.

The profession needs to be placed in an environment that will enable it to promote the values that are characteristic of professional journalism. It’s a grave mistake to allow the perpetrators to get off without a scratch since they will be forced to continue to poison the pond, thereby paving the way for others to slip into the abyss.

Journalism which is an unprofessional way of what it is supposed to be. It is a stench that lingers for far and wide, as do some who are practicing it. There are also those who practice it and I have known them personally, who feel ashamed to be a part of this circus that has been taken over by a group of criminals who are of no worth and have only come to make money off their souls. . They do it at an amount. They ruin the reputation of the profession in general.

I have also heard of instances in which, despite a myriad of reasons that, for a variety of reasons, the voice of media is still deaf. For instance is there ever an uncritical commentary broadcast on the television station or even an article on an individual Riaz Malik who was reported to have confessed that he had offered to bribe journalists by providing details of the value of the gratuities and methods of transmitting them to the claimed recipients? I haven’t seen any effort by which the journalism community could have countered the accusations. Instead, questions concerning this matter were have been met with silence that persists until the present. This does not mean that they are angels. It is the opposite relevant. The journalists mentioned would be considered to be accomplices in the alleged case.

This is an opportunity for journalists to take advantage of this opportunity. They must immediately find the culprits within their ranks and clean up the profession. It’s time for them to master about and instruct others on deciphering truth from fiction. The job of a journalist can’t be diminished by the deplorable behavior of some of its members. It’s not about being a tool to retaliate against your political adversaries, for an ounce of flesh. If this is the case it will mean that the career of the profession as a whole could be at risk beyond the likelihood of recourse. The individual will also be disqualified of the respect that he is owed, even if at a very reluctant rate! The time of reckoning is near.

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