The lettering of this Jeep Wagoneer is not your usual badge

A badge / logo is one of the important identity features of a vehicle and if not properly placed or aligned it can make the vehicle look strange. Something like this happened when a photo of a Jeep Wagoneer surfaced on social media where it can be clearly seen that the car badge is out of position, at an odd angle.

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The photo was posted on Twitter and shows the back of a Jeep Wagoneer whose badge lettering has come off. According to a report by Jalopnik, the photo was taken at Stellantis’ Warren Truck Assembly Plant during a pre-delivery inspection. It is not clear exactly how this could have happened as automakers use jigs to ensure vehicle badges are placed correctly during the production process.

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The report also mentioned that after contacting Stellantis about the issue, the company informed that the issue was revealed during the SUV’s launch and immediate action was taken to rectify it. That problem was fixed before customers got their cars, the brand shared.

A Jeep PR representative said earlier when the Wagoneer SUV was launched, Warren Truck encountered issues with badge alignment. However, these issues were fixed at the factory before the vehicles were shipped to owners. This included the model in the shared image. “As a permanent solution, hand-applied tracking devices, as well as machine vision systems, were installed to verify badge alignment. The factory has a robust vehicle audit process which ensures that every vehicle leaving the factory reflects the premium quality of the brand, ”the PR reportedly said.

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